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To think enough with the winter weather already?!!

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CandyCrusher Fri 29-Apr-16 22:58:10

Yes, I'm being terribly British and having a moan about the weather.
AIBU to think that the weather is taking the absolute piss lately, and it's about time summer started?!
We've had about one day of sunshine this year and that's IT.
It's been snowing this week. Actual snowing. I'm sat here with the heating whacked on full while the wind howls a merry tune outside.
It's a day or so away from MAY, for crying out loud. WAHHHHHH.

NewNameNotTheSame Fri 29-Apr-16 23:01:06

I'm in no rush for summer, I'm still fat after DS. wink

WorraLiberty Fri 29-Apr-16 23:01:13

It's typical Spring weather really.

I'm a lollipop lady and during the 45 minutes I was on my crossing this afternoon, we had wind, rain, sleet, snow, hail stones, sunshine and thunder and lightening!

Needless to say, as soon as I got home the weather was glorious again hmm

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