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AIBU to worry about my sons development?

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startrek90 Fri 29-Apr-16 20:39:27

I have a 19 month old Ds. He can say a few words in English though he seems more comfortable in German atm. He can crawl, climb and stand up unassisted. He has just started to use a fork and spoon (though gets frustrated at times and just ends up throwing it at his face) and can drink unassisted from a bottle/sippy cup.

However he cannot walk. He won't even try. He will walk holding onto things but won't attempt it on his own.

I am getting really worried about it. He is due to start kindergarden in a few months and I am worried he is really behind. My dh says to relax and he will learn in his own time. However all I see is our friends children walking and talking brilliantly from 12 months.

AIBU to worry so much? Should I see somebody? He is my first. I am pregnant with number 2 so I could be over anxious because of hormones.

MaryPopped Fri 29-Apr-16 21:17:03

hmm, I'm not sure. A good friend's dd just went from crawling to cruising to walking in about 2 weeks, but later than the norm, I think 17-18 monnths. Now she walks everywhere.

FWIW, she was planning to see a health visitor in the next few weeks just to put her mind at ease. It's probably a good practical step. I'm not saying you have anything to worry about, but a professional can properly advise you

My dp didn't walk until he was 22 months! His mum was telling me when I was pregnant and I panicked thinking that dd would be a late walker as I was around 11 months.
She was walking at 12 months.

My brothers boys were around 19/20 months and his girls around 15/16 months.

My friend has twins and one can walk and one can't ( around the same age as your ds )

Every child is different so try not to worry too much.

KatyN Fri 29-Apr-16 21:26:29

My son was a late walker.. 18 months and the last of his mates to walk. I share your worries, it is rubbish being the last. I think you are still in the normal range though so you might not get any help from a gp of physio. Your gp or hv might be able to tell you when you 'can'start worrying.
I also thought bilingual children tend to talk later as well, so that he has some words in German is pretty impressive.

So I would say try not to worry yet, but I appreciate it is really hard.

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