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AIBU to assume there is no "end" to Clash of Clans?

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brainstorming Fri 29-Apr-16 14:45:03

DS (12) has been playing Clash of Clans for over 2 years now. He will spend as much time on it as possible, although we do restrict access with a passcode on the iPad. Generally he respects the time limits we give him, but sometimes he gets very agitated if we don't allow him on at certain times (when a battle is scheduled or whatever) or if we ask him to finish-up when he's in the middle of "something important". To me he seems somewhat addicted.

When he first started on the game in Year 5 there were quite a few of his primary school friends on there, so it was at least social, but now they've moved onto other things. He moved up to Y7 in September, to a different school to most of his friends and while he's making plenty of new friends at school he hasn't yet invited any home - he's relatively reserved like that - so when he said quite a few of his new friends were using Clash Royale I agreed to let him try that, hoping it would replace Clash of Clans and restore the social element. But now he's playing both.

Yesterday I tentatively suggested to him that we should delete Clash of Clans and he should only use Clash Royale. However, he protested that he was doing really well at Clash of Clans and really enjoyed it, and that he wanted to "finish" it, implying that there was an end point to the game that was in reach.

AIBU to think that there will be no "finish"? Presumably the company that makes these games has a vested interest in keeping its gamers enthralled ad infinitum, so surely they will just keep adding "levels" or whatever for ever more? If I'm right then I will need to consider how and when to put my foot down!

eyebrowse Fri 29-Apr-16 15:05:06

I think even if he did get to the rumoured end of clash of clans there would be something new to take its place. I'm working on prioritising homework and getting on time to meals to make them more of a background thing. DS says Royale is better because they can control the times more. It does increase their social life I think, although I worry about the constant fighting simulation and what they might be typing to each other as there is such a mix of ages.

araiba Fri 29-Apr-16 15:12:45

why can he only have 1? yabu

yabu to use precise times as well, the nature of such games is that stuff can always be happening. instead of turn it off at 7pm, he should he given more flexibility in case he is the middle of a big battle- it is what the game is all about after all but that he shouldnt join in any big fights after 645 or something

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