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to ask if you ever look back through ALL your photos

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cjt110 Fri 29-Apr-16 11:56:05

As many parents do I'm sure I hope we have lots of photos of DS from things that were memorable such as his first bath etc to just every photos of him. He's 20m and I'm sure they probably amount to in the 1-2,000. Does anyone ever look back over them all? I wondered this the other day. At the time of taking the photos, I really want that photo but will I ever look back over them all?

KP86 Fri 29-Apr-16 12:03:59

Yes, I do. Not just photos of DS but all the photos on my phone.

Not as often for the 20,000+ photos I have on my laptop though!

Barmaid101 Fri 29-Apr-16 12:19:08

All the time. I love photos my mum died when I was little and hated being in photos so don't have any with her. Photos mean the world to me

Sukebind Fri 29-Apr-16 12:22:52

Yes I do quite a bit. I am cross with myself, too, for getting about a year behind with getting prints and putting them in actual albums. I used to love looking through my grandparents' albums when I was little, even the ones from before I was born, and my dc like looking through ours and seeing how we have all changed (some not so much for the better blush).

OldBeanbagz Fri 29-Apr-16 12:25:26

I probably have a few hundred thousand photos so no, i don't look back through them all. But at 11 & 14 my DC like looking at their baby photos and i've recently been scanning some old family negatives from when i was a baby. They have found these very amusing.

cjt110 Fri 29-Apr-16 12:27:13

I think maybe thats why I like taking so many - for him, not me. However, it does shock me when I see a photo of him so little and yet it feels only yesterday!

Oogle Fri 29-Apr-16 12:31:07

Yes I have 3000 photos on my phone of my 17 month old and 5000 photos in total. I look at them quite often.

FuckSanta Fri 29-Apr-16 12:34:54

My DD is 5.5 and has her first wobbly tooth this week. Was lovely to be able to dig out the picture of that tooth coming through (it was the first).

I make DD a photo book every 6 months with the best/most significant pictures but keep all the digital ones too.

Every so often I find a photo of someone and look through the thousands of digital photos to see similarities with DD.

Noodledoodledoo Fri 29-Apr-16 12:36:02

I made sure I did a photo book of first 6 months, then second 6 months and will do one for each year after that.

Takes a while but I love my baby albums (am very lucky I have a lot of pics of me as a baby as Grandad was a press photographer so was always taking them)

I also do the same with holidays.

AddictedtoGreys Fri 29-Apr-16 12:36:35

Yes I do. I get them printed every few weeks in case anything happens to my phone, and very couple of minutes the me and DSD will have a sit down and look through them all smile

toomuchtooold Fri 29-Apr-16 12:37:44

I took millions of photos when my girls were teeny tiny and I wish I'd taken more! I had twins and found the first two years pretty hard going at the time, and it's fantastic to be able to look back at photos and videos now and see the brilliant stuff without the stress of looking after them. They (at 4) love it too. It took them a while to cop on that it was actually them though! DD2 still refers to the baby in the photos as "her" not "me".

AddictedtoGreys Fri 29-Apr-16 12:38:24

* months not minutes!

wasonthelist Fri 29-Apr-16 12:38:28

I do

BillBrysonsBeard Fri 29-Apr-16 12:39:29

I look through all the time, it's nice as I wouldn't remember most of it otherwise! I checked my google photo stats the other day and I've taken 27,000 in 3 years shock Though a lot of those are saved pics from others or memes.

cjt110 Fri 29-Apr-16 12:41:10

I like the idea of a photobook for my son. I might start this as a project.

FuckSanta Fri 29-Apr-16 14:03:13

I've done about 9 of them- I'm hideously behind. They take me ages to do, days and days, but I do them from her perspective, so it's her story of you like. She loves looking back on them.

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