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AIBU to be holding my baby to my ear like a seashell

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ithinkitstimeforanamechange Fri 29-Apr-16 02:16:51

6 month old dd has has two chest infections before both needing iv antibiotics , oxygen and a feeding tube thingy.

Last time the day she was taken into hospital I was due back to work, I delayed it which isn't an issue as I work with dh in a company we own. But I do actually really want to go back!

Today I arranged to start back next week, arranged nanny to start Tuesday .

Tonight her mildly snotty nose has turned into that little high pitched whistle when she breathes. I am hear it as she lying next to me.

At the moment it seems to be at the top of her chest and there's no rattles with it. But I keep finding myself holding her up to my ear like a seashell to listen grin

My dh thinks this and sheer will power will not help it will just make me look crazy.

ShtoppenDerFloppen Fri 29-Apr-16 02:54:53

Having 2 DCs with respiratory issues, I can relate.

Listen to chest, wish/pray that all is clear, swear to self when you know that isn't the case...

Hoping you don't get to swear mode.

ithinkitstimeforanamechange Fri 29-Apr-16 07:02:14

Thanks shtoppen I'm really hoping that this stays just a cold. At the moment she seems ok just coughing with snot! She has a slight wheeziness but she is not doing that chest In drawing thing so I'm not too worried just yet I just feel like I starting at her and willing it to stay away!

Levithecat Fri 29-Apr-16 07:12:10

I feel for you (parent of 3yo with respiratory problems). Wish willpower alone would do it! How is she now?

Have you got anything that you can start her on yourselves if needed?

ithinkitstimeforanamechange Fri 29-Apr-16 07:48:58

She seems ok she is just full of cold, she is coughing quite a lot but the little high pitch whistles are coming and going rather

She has non blanching spots on her leg which seem to get more when she's I'll and her glands are swollen all down the side of her neck. (I have seen a doctor about the spots but been told not to worry just so you don't think I'm ignoring it! She had it for a few months now!)

We don't have anything to start her on at all we just have calpol and snufflebabe.

I'm hoping that's she just that little bit older (6 weeks since the last hospital visit) and she will fight this cold off a bit more effectively!

I know there's no point taking her to the doctors or anything at this point as it is just a cold!

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