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To feel utterly trapped at work?

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MooBaaWoofTweet Thu 28-Apr-16 21:59:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Oakmaiden Thu 28-Apr-16 22:06:13

You must have LOADS of transferable skills, though. What other sorts of career do you think you would enjoy?

MooBaaWoofTweet Thu 28-Apr-16 22:07:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FunnysInLaJardin Thu 28-Apr-16 22:09:04

what area of law are you in OP?

MooBaaWoofTweet Thu 28-Apr-16 22:10:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

yellowzebrazz Thu 28-Apr-16 22:10:28

Any small firms in your area? You might have to go up to four days at least in the short term but it may be less miserable than cramming five days into three.

Or possible sideways move into PSL, legal publishing etc?

MooBaaWoofTweet Thu 28-Apr-16 22:13:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LindorBunny Thu 28-Apr-16 22:15:02

Could you look at inhouse roles?

Kariana Thu 28-Apr-16 22:15:41

Can't you ask to transfer teams?

FunnysInLaJardin Thu 28-Apr-16 22:16:54

I would move to a smaller firm with a nicer culture. I am a solicitor too in commercial property and have worked for large corporate firms and small high street ones. I am much happier in small firms and employment law should be well sought after. You should be able to find a part time role in your specialism. It would be a shame to retrain now after all of those years of hard work to qualify.

I lost my job in 2009 and worked for a while as a property manager. The owners of the firm were so unprofessional that I couldn't ethically work for them and so luckily went back to law. Stay in law would be my advice!

MooBaaWoofTweet Thu 28-Apr-16 22:18:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RaeSkywalker Thu 28-Apr-16 22:18:30

Can you tentatively approach a couple of firms?

I'm not in the same industry as you, but in our team at the moment we're in a 'too much work for us to handle well but not enough to justify another full time salary' situation. We'd love to find someone who wants to work 2-3 days a week.

RaskolnikovsGarret Thu 28-Apr-16 22:20:56

In house has worked well for me. Have you looked eg at the next town? I would never go back to private practice. flowers for you. It sounds tough.

MooBaaWoofTweet Thu 28-Apr-16 22:21:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MooBaaWoofTweet Thu 28-Apr-16 22:22:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LivininaBox Thu 28-Apr-16 22:23:16

Can you work on your confidence and self esteem to make the situation more bearable while you wait for something else to come up? It sounds like the company doesnt suit you and your team are horrible. But coming back from mat leave and going part time are both hard and can really knock your confidence.

Perhaps if you can get to a place where you think - "oh well my job is a bit crap but it's worth it for the money and part time contract" - you will be able to get through it and let your colleagues' rudeness just slide off you?

FunnysInLaJardin Thu 28-Apr-16 22:23:20

btw keeping your WIP low and doing a shoddy job is an appalling way to have to work. Any reasonable firm knows that most jobs can't charge full WIP. I would write to all of the firms in your area and see what comes back. I did this a couple of years ago and the firm I work for now realised that actually they did need a part time solicitor. There was no job as such. Good Luck OP, I don't envy you!

aliceinwanderland Thu 28-Apr-16 22:23:39

Could you look at remote working for one of the big firm. It's increasingly popular. Try lod or the others -think Ashursts or A&O. You could also move to a different area of law. I've recently started working in new areas at 18 years pqe - enjoying working life much more.v

aliceinwanderland Thu 28-Apr-16 22:25:22

And if any full time roles are available just apply and asking if there is any flexibility in working hours. It worked for me.

MooBaaWoofTweet Thu 28-Apr-16 22:28:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MooBaaWoofTweet Thu 28-Apr-16 22:28:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Livelifefortoday Thu 28-Apr-16 22:36:12

OP, I returned to work after mat leave to a previously mid sized that had merged with a national. It was horrendous and killed my confidence. Three years on most of the lawyers and support staff from the mid sized firm have found alternative employment/were pushed out. But to be honest we're all happier. Mergers are notorious for this, it isn't you, even though it may feel like it. Register with a recruitment agency to assess your options. I'm hoping to leave law in all honesty, I've lost my spark for it. Good luck.

Lovewineandchocs Thu 28-Apr-16 22:43:51

I'm a solicitor too. I moved from a firm like yours into the public sector 10 years ago and would never ever go back. Any councils, NDPBs or anything remotely near you with a legal or quasi legal role on offer? Can you sign up with a recruitment agency?

Doublejeopardy Thu 28-Apr-16 22:50:12

I wasn't in the same industry but stayed much too long in a role for all the same reasons you felt trapped. I lost all self confidence and had no self belief.

My firm went bust and I approached a supplier for some leads and he offered me a part time job. At the time it was just as someone else said he didn't need someone full time, it has changed into a 4 day a week role now both my DC are ar school and we are really happy me, the boss and the kids.

I think approaching potential employers may pay dividends good luck And believe in yourself

JapaneseSlipper Thu 28-Apr-16 22:51:45

Is your partner able to go 4 days, for example, so you could also do 4 days and keep your DC in nursery for 3 days?

Sympathy - it's AWFUL feeling like this at work. flowers

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