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To think that Stella Mcartney has nicked Mumsnets logo for the Olympic kit!

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landrover Thu 28-Apr-16 08:58:07

Will try and find a link smile

landrover Thu 28-Apr-16 08:59:08

landrover Thu 28-Apr-16 09:00:10

Jessica Ennis Hill looks bloody amazing though! (Not sure about the Tom Daley trunks!!!!)

EatShitDerek Thu 28-Apr-16 09:00:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Arfarfanarf Thu 28-Apr-16 09:02:43

You mean that?

Arfarfanarf Thu 28-Apr-16 09:07:52

Ah no that one.
Yeah it's charlies angels style. Same as mn is charlies angels style.
Everyone's ripping off poor charlies angels grin

500internalerror Thu 28-Apr-16 09:12:08

Hmm it's not really, because it's a silhouette of the crest, not of people (angels or mums!). I'm not sure i like it though....

SisterMoonshine Thu 28-Apr-16 09:26:38

Looks like a cockroach

ShatnersBassoon Thu 28-Apr-16 09:30:05

It's a silhouette. That's where the similarity ends. Is it black or dark blue?

landrover Thu 28-Apr-16 09:38:59

Naa, I think Stella is a secret mumsnet fan!!!

landrover Thu 28-Apr-16 09:40:08

Morning Stella grin

lordStrange Thu 28-Apr-16 09:42:15

Gosh it's a mess

2rebecca Thu 28-Apr-16 09:46:00

It's far too fussy. I really liked 2012's UK kit but she's tried to cram too much in to this one.

landrover Thu 28-Apr-16 09:48:38

Those trunks are very tiny!!! smile

OnTique Thu 28-Apr-16 09:51:31

The blue is too dark and it all looks messy.

I also think it would have been a great opportunity to make it a competition for upcoming designers, not use someone already established.

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Thu 28-Apr-16 09:53:26

Those trunks shock

Ditsy4 Thu 28-Apr-16 09:58:28

Nearly choked on a lemon sherbet land rover!

YellowShockedFace Thu 28-Apr-16 10:00:29

His trunks are the same size as my tiny 3 year old wears shock

BitOutOfPractice Thu 28-Apr-16 10:08:47

Tom Daly certainly did reveal didn't he? blush

wheelofapps Thu 28-Apr-16 10:11:06

Those TRUNKS! My eyes!!! (comes over all peculiar)

The kit is a mess though sad

stopfuckingshoutingatme Thu 28-Apr-16 10:14:53

god their bodies are AMAZING

<wanders off to get a biscuit>

love how people can pretty ,much find something to criticise about practically everything, its leotards FFS

LitteRedSparkle Thu 28-Apr-16 10:19:45

i think it works nicely on the crop top, but not on the full length tops

also - for someone who is a designer, why is she in a coat and not using the arms? surely if she didnt want arms, she should have designed a coat without arms.... ?

FirstWeTakeManhattan Thu 28-Apr-16 10:22:16

Jess Ennis looks fabulous. Stella didn't want Tom covered up too much though, did she?

SoupDragon Thu 28-Apr-16 10:22:58

I think it's far too fussy as well. Although it took me a while to see anything other than Tom Daley.

SoupDragon Thu 28-Apr-16 10:23:27

I think the divers always wear teeny trunks don't they?

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