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No jury in the world would convict if I smashed neighbour's sound system, right?

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INeedABiggerBoat Wed 27-Apr-16 22:53:01

We live in a block of flats. The people below us are a family of two grandparents and their grandson. Whenever the grandparents go away (about once a month) and leave their grandson alone in the house (he's late teens, it's not a SS situation!) he plays music loudly All. Night. Long- we're talking thudding bass until the early hours, be it weekday or weekend. He's actually a perfectly nice boy, and his grandparents are lovely, although we haven't been able to have proper conversations with them as they speak very little English, but he's just completely inconsiderate.

We've gone round there multiple times a night to ask him to turn it down and he always does for a bit... Until the noise level slowly creeps up again. We've called the sound control guys who've sent written warnings, but tonight he's at it again. I suspect his grandparents don't understand the sound control letters because of their limited English. We don't actually have children but the people in the flat next door have a newborn and we know they are at their wits end with it too. They don't speak the same language as the grandparents but also have little English (enough for limited conversations but not enough to feel confident with long conversations/ reporting things).

Our next step would be to call the landlord of this flat - WIBU to do so even if it risks getting the family evicted, who otherwise are perfectly nice...? Have we missed any options??

Gramgram Wed 27-Apr-16 23:09:19

Maybe the next thing would be to contact the environmental guys at the council and point out to them that the occupants don't speak English. They may then send someone round that does speak their language and point out the error of their grandson's ways.

Good luck, I hope the situation improves soon.

originalmavis Wed 27-Apr-16 23:13:32

If I got an official looking letter I'd make sure I'd find out what it says (although the grandson may be translating - 'Gran, it just says that the bins are due out on a Tuesday'.

I assume the grandson understands when the noise people come around and say that they can confiscate equipment?

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