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To want to report all the shitty drivers out there

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Whatsthepoints Wed 27-Apr-16 19:58:56

I will start by saying this is 100% my own fault. I've had to surrender my licence and am forced to get a provisional and take my test again after I forgot to change the address on my V5 form. DH got caught speeding (36 in a 30) and I didn't get the request for driver info, due to not changing address. Therefore, six points have been added to my licence and, as I'm within the first two years of passing, I have to surrender it.

That's fine. I'm kicking myself but I know it's my fault so dealing with it.

But FFS, some of the twats I see on the road!!! Speeding, going above 90 on the motorway, people on their mobiles, people up my arse and flashing me when I'm going the speed limit. Someone actually running into another lane tonight (whilst I was watching from the bus) because they were trying to text someone.

AIBU for wanting to take a picture and report these people? I'm not going to, just feeling bitter and need to get it off my chest....

GreenMarkerPen Wed 27-Apr-16 20:01:18

driving badly is just so bloody dangerous!

DieSchottin93 Wed 27-Apr-16 20:10:50

YANBU. I was once heading home on the bus from uni, around half 5 ish so quite heavy traffic and saw someone driving whilst logging into their laptop that was balanced on their knee shock shock if there was any way I could have reported that driver I would have, I can't believe someone would think it was a good idea to be using their LAPTOP during rush hour traffic

On a similar note DB is in the police and when he spots instances of bad driving when he is off duty he tells me he wishes he were in an unmarked police car grin it would certainly serve some drivers right!

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