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To have a little rant about DH's mate?

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PennyPasta Wed 27-Apr-16 14:07:25

He is, 70% of the time, a total arse. The other 30% of the time he can be charming, and funny. In the interest of fairness he has also turned out in the middle of the night when DH broke down in the now, so he's not all bad.

His GF is 8 years younger than him, and completely adores him, dh also looks up to him, and I find him a complete and utter twat. A mysoginistic twat at that.

He and his GF have just had a baby. A much wanted IVF baby. Twat face set up a just giving page, (AFTER the IVF had been paid for) which raised £500. he promptly spent this on new equipment for his hobby.

He threw GF a baby shower, with a gift list, and invited 60 people, then had what he termed a 'man shower' (basically a pub crawl) and then reminded everyone that they could also bring a gift to that.

And now dh has an invite to the official wetting of the baby's head. Not just in the local though, oh no! This is a meal, then a pub crawl, then on to a nightclub, and he's booked a minibus to ferry them around. Apparently the cost will be £60, without drinks. shock

AIBU to think that enough is enough. I am thrilled for them, really I am - the baby is gorgeous, but seriously, the constant expectation of gifts and money si starting to piss me right off.

Apparently there is a 'girls' version planned a couple of weeks later too.

There. That's got that out. Feel much better now. I am a regular under a NC, so if parts of this story sound familiar, please don't out me. smile

NeedACleverNN Wed 27-Apr-16 14:09:42

Jeezus! Grabby much?

I get the baby is very much anticipated and wanted and that they had probably spent a lot on the ivf but enough is enough!

anjarose Wed 27-Apr-16 14:12:26

No it sounds well OTT!!
Kind of cheapens the whole -' babies are a beautiful miracle thing' what's wrong with tea and cake or a glass of wine?

PennyPasta Wed 27-Apr-16 14:14:32

The gf's parents (first grandchild) have bought a travel system and crib, plus steriliser and lots of other bits, trust me they are not struggling.

Twatface is notoriously bad with money - it trickles through his fingers like sand, and I am beginning to understand why.

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