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AmyAmoeba Wed 27-Apr-16 13:07:39

The B in this case being my laptop.
I'm sick of it. There's always something bloody wrong with it. It's getting to the point where I don't want to open it because it makes me feel stupid and inadequate.
(I think maybe it's gas lighting me)
I used to be able to get on alright with other laptops before this one. I'm not techie and obviously I should try and get my head around it but isn't the point of a laptop to be user friendly and do what a layperson wants it to do without needing me to know anything special.
I hate hate hate hate going back to the shop with it, even though I've paid for extended cover precisely because it's so temperamental because I'm afraid the professional mask of the tech whizz will slip and I'll see either pity or contempt in their eyes or worse I'll just get laughed out of the shop.
I thought that I was just so sleep deprived that I must be doing really stupid things and not noticing but I've been sleeping just fine for a while now. But every time I've gone in with it it's been sent back with no obvious problems found.
So why won't it send an email?
Or back up my photos from my phone?
Or refrain from crashing until I've finished a project? Aren't those just basic requirements? It's not like I wanted to hack into CIA files or take over the universe.

Hate the stupid thing.

Anyone else in a dysfunctional relationship with technology- maybe we could form a support group?

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