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To never know if it's skivilitis or imminent death

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SpareJ Tue 26-Apr-16 16:18:23

DD (7) is not the keenest of students and has caught me out more than once with a mysterious illness that amazingly gets better by 11am.

However for the last couple of days she's been quite pale and complaining of feeling dizzy. The dizziness disappears if she's doing something she enjoys.

So AIBU (or downright reckless) thinking she's having me on again?

Witchend Tue 26-Apr-16 16:22:33

My theory is if I'm not sure they go in. If they've recovered from illness by 11.00 I'd take them in now.

But I require evidence of some sort. Temperature, vomit, spots etc.

If you're not sure, she seems okay when she's doing something she enjoys and is better by 11, then she's almost certainly having you on.

Bamaluz Tue 26-Apr-16 18:18:45

When my kids were younger if they told me they were ill in the morning I used to tell them to see how they felt after breakfast.
If they ate their breakfast they would go to school, if they were genuinely ill they didn't want any breakfast, so stayed home.

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