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It is April and it is snowing.

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DrinkMilkAndKickAss Tue 26-Apr-16 12:08:26

AIBU to start crowdfunding for a week in the sun? I'm not sure how much more of this miserable weather I can take!

mogloveseggs Tue 26-Apr-16 12:10:38

Yanbu. It's freezing. No snow here yet but lots of Hail yesterday.

SparkleSoiree Tue 26-Apr-16 12:11:26

YABU if you don't offer everyone on this thread a seat on the plane with you!

KnotNora Tue 26-Apr-16 12:14:14

Good idea

All of you donate £1000 to me. I'll live blog the holiday and bring you back some toblerone

mogloveseggs Tue 26-Apr-16 12:17:51

Ooh I love Toblerone grin

Oysterbabe Tue 26-Apr-16 12:20:22

Yabu. The cold weather is currently my excuse for doing fuck all down the allotment. Bloody site rep phoned me to whine that I haven't planted anything yet and was not appeased by my explanation that I had a baby a few months ago.

LindorBunny Tue 26-Apr-16 12:20:53

We had snow this morning. I just want to feel the sun on my face!

carabos Tue 26-Apr-16 13:07:09

Sleet here. Friend has just messaged me to ask if I want to run. I said "have you looked out of the window?" confused

goodiegoodieyumyum Tue 26-Apr-16 13:15:02

I drove my daughter home from school in a snow storm, not what I was expecting in late April even in the mountains of North Rhine Westphalia in Germany. My mother arrives from Australia in two weeks I need to tell her to pack warm clothes.

KnotNora Tue 26-Apr-16 13:18:32

In all seriousness when is it going to get warm?

This isn't usual for end of April surely?

Clandestino Tue 26-Apr-16 13:19:03

thunder and hail here

Dowser Tue 26-Apr-16 13:25:31

Was in Durham on Thursday with a sun dress on toasting my arms in the sun. In York on Saturday watching the Morris dancing with my winter layers back on.

Today back in Durham...we've had sun, hail, snow , sun again and looking at the sky it's brewing up more hail?, snow? of them!

Late April , thirty years ago we set off for light water valley in rip on. Lovely warm day, kids in t shirts and 12 o'clock we were back in the car freezing and the snow was already a couple of inches deep!

toolonglurking Tue 26-Apr-16 13:26:30

I hate to be that person (smug face) but it's lovely and sunny here on the west coast of Scotland grin

Titsywoo Tue 26-Apr-16 13:27:08

We just had a minute of snow. In Surrey. Very odd.

ohtheholidays Tue 26-Apr-16 13:27:31

It was lovely here,I had a huge line of washing out,that was until 5 minutes ago when it started snowing.I think our weather has completely lost the Plot this time!

fuzzywuzzy Tue 26-Apr-16 13:27:44

According to DP it snowed for five minutes in the city, hasn't settked

Bogeyface Tue 26-Apr-16 13:28:44

Snow herwe too although thankfully it seems to have stopped. Its bloody FREEZING though!

On the East Staffs/South Derbys border

x2boys Tue 26-Apr-16 13:29:17

Oh me too Dowser it was lovely t shirt weather he in bolton at the latter end of last week we went for a picnic on the beach at St Anne's on Saturday ,Sunday was misereable, it was hailing yesterday and I, m sat with a thick jumper and the heating on now sad

P1nkP0ppy Tue 26-Apr-16 13:30:36

Doing well here near Bristol, we've had hail, rain, snow, sleet and now it's sunny again 😳

zofranks Tue 26-Apr-16 13:32:04

YANBU - unless you suddenly start a blog about how warm it is wherever you are

its snowed here too and no it isn't unusual just a fecking pain in the arse, do I put the duvet back on the bed or take or? heating on or heating off? Salad or soup for lunch, blouse with or without cardi - I just want one very simple day please, I have to think about too many things before I leave the house and thats just my decisions, then I have to make decisions for an almost 4 year old whilst she argues about why she can't wear a sleeveless top because she thinks it isn't cold

Ninjagogo Tue 26-Apr-16 13:32:37

Yup, spent most of last week on the beach, now in winter gear, really windy, was snowing earlier. Narrows eyes at the smug sun NE btw.

charlestonchaplin Tue 26-Apr-16 13:33:11

I'm sure I've had snow in June, in the south of England in the past.

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Tue 26-Apr-16 13:36:00

I work in a school in NW London and my office overlooks the playground and you should hear all the girls screaming and squealing and laughing (it's a girls' school, I'm not being sexist). It is extremely cute and has brought a huge smile to my face. I love snow, even in April.

dizzytomato Tue 26-Apr-16 13:37:21

As the late Prince once said "Sometimes it snows in April".

It's not snowing here in Brazil, in fact it's 34 degrees. Make a snowman for me and I'll drink a Caipirinha for you.....

<exits threads quickly>

SexLubeAndAFishSlice Tue 26-Apr-16 13:43:53

DH had a grit run last night! We've had snow, hail, the lot! I can't believe it's the end of April and we're still getting snow! We had glorious sunshine last week FFS.

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