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Is Beyonce lemonade the most powerful black feminist piece of work?

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GetInFormationLadies Tue 26-Apr-16 09:37:47

I'm barely over the death of prince but this album as made me shed a lake ful of tears in the last day.

It's such a powerful, strong love filled album that will help all black women get through even their darkest days.

She has left behind her sugar pop to try something very risky but to follow her heart.

I can not recommend it enough.

MagnoliaBreeland Tue 26-Apr-16 09:41:06

It's amazing. I love it. 💛💛💛

MushroomMama Tue 26-Apr-16 09:42:24

It's amazing

thecatfromjapan Tue 26-Apr-16 09:42:41

Thanks for the recommendation. smile

DelphiBlue Tue 26-Apr-16 09:49:29

It is brilliant and I commend her for risking her popularity by leaving her white washed music behind. Beyoncé is one of the most influential music artists of her generation and I'm so glad she is now using that power to lift up other black women and speak out.

MadMags Tue 26-Apr-16 09:50:40

I haven't heard anything from it.

All I can seem to find is the advert!

MagnoliaBreeland Tue 26-Apr-16 09:55:38

What I love about it is that she has experimented with so many different styles on there. There are great examples of reggae and country which you would never have really expected.

PaulAnkaTheDog Tue 26-Apr-16 10:04:14

I've not heard it. What makes it stand out as the most powerful piece of black feminist work? In comparison to her other music and the works of others? Is it her lyrics? Not meant in a goady or cheeky way, I'm genuinely intrigued as your not the first person I've seen say that about it.

quencher Tue 26-Apr-16 10:07:55

So happy someone has stated this thread. I don't know where to begin with album. I cried too. I read an article written by jamilia and also there is one in the guardian today. They both made me cry. We all know what they are talking about and I get it.

Now on pierce Morgan and his article, well he can keep his opinion to himself. That's one of the ways black women are silenced over and over again.

Am in awe of that album. She went there and was not afraid to tell it as it is.

MattDillonsPants Tue 26-Apr-16 10:10:32

Where can I listen to it?

Rafflesway Tue 26-Apr-16 10:13:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

quencher Tue 26-Apr-16 10:14:08

Paul you should watch the film. Beyoncé and the people who worked with her put together black women's struggles in a way that black women can understand and relate to. The metaphors and subliminal words and imagery is spectacular.

I would happily break down that album and decipher it from top to bottom from a feminist perspective while ignoring jayz in the process because he is the least important message in the whole film. The news papers seems more focused on that or the affair.

It's a treasure trove for black feminist whether it's positive or negative.

quencher Tue 26-Apr-16 10:15:27

It's because the whole album is directed at black women, that's why.

Rafflesway Tue 26-Apr-16 10:19:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RudeElf Tue 26-Apr-16 10:19:23

Because raffles black women face issues (and have always done) that white women dont. It is specific to her ethnicity and her sex. It isn't just about feminism.

DelphiBlue Tue 26-Apr-16 10:20:40

Raffles because we have been constantly oppressed and made to dilute our culture in order to be successful and Beyoncé is finally promoting herself as unapologetically black and that is something huge for black women everywhere.

RudeElf Tue 26-Apr-16 10:20:47

Raffles was her "single ladies" song offensive to her married women and men (married or single) fans?

RudeElf Tue 26-Apr-16 10:21:21

Sorry, insulting, not offensive.

Quiero Tue 26-Apr-16 10:21:48

Rafflesway - are you joking? hmm

PaulAnkaTheDog Tue 26-Apr-16 10:21:54

Raffles it's only insulting if you let it be. I'm white, I don't find it insulting in the least bit for the reasons Elf said.

DelphiBlue Tue 26-Apr-16 10:23:57

When White people get 'insulted' by something because it isn't specifically made for them I want to scream. This is life for black people every day.

GetInFormationLadies Tue 26-Apr-16 10:24:46

Totally agree quencher! I think it's the most powerful as it will have the most impact by someone with such a high profile .

I don't think you can have the visual album for free, have to buy or be a member of tidal. It seems no one wants to pirate it from an article I just read, that speaks volumes.

Claraoswald36 Tue 26-Apr-16 10:25:03

Does she include trans women? wink

quencher Tue 26-Apr-16 10:25:39

Raffles needs to join pierce Morgan on why a black woman would want to talk about black women, or the threat of turning black as he said it with fear. hmm

RudeElf Tue 26-Apr-16 10:25:49

A woman celebrates and promotes her heritage (in a way that has only very recently been 'safe' do to) and that is insulting to the people who dont share her heritage? hmm is that for fucking real. I'm getting angry now. I'm white btw.

When i celebrate my irish heritage (once an oppressed people) am i insulting my english/welsh/Australian friends? confused

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