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To think the kite should have been left at home?

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FraterculaArctica Mon 25-Apr-16 22:14:27

Recently picked up a 'new baby sibling' picture book from a charity shop (I'm expecting DC2). It's an Usborne book from the mid 1980s. The new baby in the story is DC3; DC1 and 2 are aged 5 and 3. There is also a DDog and DCat.

Picture shows the family out for their first walk with new baby in pram. Dad is holding a kite which is tangled round DDog's legs. AIBU to think WTF did Dad think Mum would appreciate trying to fly a kite in the immediate postnatal period, surely the 2 young DC and the dog were enough for him to manage ?

Any other images of parenting in picture books that raise your eyebrows?

NotTHEBupcake Mon 25-Apr-16 22:18:14

This made me giggle! Reminded me though of when DD was born, and a week later it was SIL's birthday. DH insisted we had to go to her birthday outing, which was in a local park. As we were leaving the house, he asked me whether I'd packed the frisbee. Umm, yeah, DH, that's the first thing on my mind right now!

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