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TwentyCupsOfTea Mon 25-Apr-16 19:25:12

Let's say I work in a resteraunt (I don't but don't want to put myself). I'm waiting staff, working closely with chefs. We need to work closely obviously but are on separate teams.

Two women in the kitchen have been persistently awful to me since I started. They whisper, roll eyes and constantly undermine my work and make it impossible to ask for help when our work requires us to work together.

I have complained to my direct manager about thus. I've been in tears crying, and suffered sleeping problems since. I know the women were told off for this. Since then the openly cruel behaviour has stopped, but the atmosphere has remained awful, and my work is still criticised and put down, often patronisingly.

I think the main reason I am no longer getting as hard atone is because they have started to pick on another member of staff instead.

My manager wants me to take my complaints higher, to the top boss and hr team. I'm worried to do this, as I think they will say that they are no longer rude to me (which from An outsiders view seems true). I am torn ; I don't want to mAke things harder, but I feel they need proper intervention. I don't feel good sitting by whilst they bully someone else, and I am being left alone instead.

So my Aibu is, am I being unreasonable to take my complaint about bullying further, even though it is currently improved??

loumayfield Mon 25-Apr-16 19:48:03

Bullying is not acceptable full stop. It doesn't who is doing it. The fact that it's affecting your sleep and bringing you to tears is an immediate sign that something needs to be done. I would go straight to the top boss and tell them exactly what is happening. Even though you said they are picking on someone else now if the atmosphere at work is still crappy you need to take this higher and get it sorted out. I know it may feel uncomfortable but it's the only to show these idiots that you or anybody else at your place of work won't be messed around simple as that.

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