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To be cross with talk talk.

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Izzabellasasperella Mon 25-Apr-16 14:01:42

Our broadband is slow and we can't watch any catch up tv because it buffers. So I think I'll phone our provider talk talk and get it sorted. No they cannot do anything as the speed does not support the tv/broadband package we are on.
We can downgrade (cheaper but still no catch up tv so no game of thrones!)
We can leave but will need to pay approx £250!
Or we can upgrade to fibre £50 fee plus £7.50 per month but we will have to sign up for another 18 months and they cannot guarantee that it will fix the problem!
Is there anything we can do?I have put in a formal complaint.

Junosmum Mon 25-Apr-16 14:05:31

Talk talk are shit. Was so glad when we could get out the contract with them.

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