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WIBU to query this?

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Frimplepants Mon 25-Apr-16 11:46:12

Have just sent an email to DS's teacher who I dislike intensely and am wondering if I should have just let it be. He came home with a letter for his school trip next month. The date is given as Tuesday 18th May. The 18th May is a Wednesday. On a list of dates for the term it is entered as Tuesday 17th May. She has written that they will take the 906 bus into the next town, I pointed out that if they are travelling on the normal buses, it leaves at 902.

I have written asking her for confirmation of the date as it actually makes a huge difference to me. If it is Tuesday I will need to source childcare for the half hour from when school usually starts until when they meet to go on the trip.

I think it will probably be on Tuesday, as that is a day she works full time. She doesn't work on Wednesdays and another teacher takes her class, but that could mean it would be two teachers and one parent helper rather than one teacher and one helper. I'm now worried I shouldn't have said anything and that she will be annoyed with me and I've made things worse for DS.

OhMrBadger Mon 25-Apr-16 11:50:45

Of course you need clarification! You won't be the only one puzzled by the dates/timings so hopefully they will now clarify the situation.

It isn't as if you've sent an unpleasant email. Don't worry!

OurBlanche Mon 25-Apr-16 12:14:10

NU at all. Details for trips MUST be accurate, she should have triple checked and then got a colleague to double check again!

If your email just asked for clarification re the error then all s well! You won't be the only one.

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