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to not know the title to Go back in time Tv programme

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wakeupandsmellthecoffee Mon 25-Apr-16 09:30:42

Help please as my teacher needs to know Help

Catmuffin Mon 25-Apr-16 09:32:36

Back in Time for Dinner?

Catmuffin Mon 25-Apr-16 09:33:19

Back in Time for the Weekend?

whatsbehindthegreendoor Mon 25-Apr-16 09:33:43

There's Back In Time - The High Street, Back In Time: The Family, Back In Time For Dinner and Back In Time for The Weekend.
All brilliant.

diddl Mon 25-Apr-16 09:33:56

There was also Back in Time for the Weekend more recently.

LunaLoveg00d Mon 25-Apr-16 09:34:19

I thought of Who Do You Think You Are? but that may be slightly different.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee Mon 25-Apr-16 09:35:13

Back in time for dinner

Catmuffin Mon 25-Apr-16 09:36:54

Ooh i didn't know there were two series before Back in Time for Dinner whatsbehind I'd love to see them.

whatsbehindthegreendoor Mon 25-Apr-16 09:39:34

They're brilliant! I especially like Back In Time: The Family - very interesting in the way it shows how fortunes changed over time....not sure if it's available on iPlayer!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee Mon 25-Apr-16 09:46:55

God I'm so stupid I meant the theme tune
Still need help though

Catmuffin Mon 25-Apr-16 09:48:06

I've set the TV to record anything with Back in Time in the title, so hopefully they'll be repeated on one of the channels at some point. I liked the families in the Dinner and Weekend ones.

Catmuffin Mon 25-Apr-16 09:49:23

You'd probably need to Google the theme tune or look it up on youtube op.

diddl Mon 25-Apr-16 10:00:24

Here's the 1st ep on youtube.

Parts of it sound familiar but can't name it!

A waltz?

HungoverLikeaSpunMoorhenChick Mon 25-Apr-16 10:05:40


Scroll down for music listing.

diddl Mon 25-Apr-16 10:11:42

Here it is.

Said it sounded like a waltz!

courtwood Mon 25-Apr-16 10:16:53

It's "the skaters waltz " by emile walteufeld

diddl Mon 25-Apr-16 10:19:04

I think that the High Street & The Family ones were called Turn Back Time.

Catmuffin Mon 25-Apr-16 10:29:41

Thanks diddl

diddl Mon 25-Apr-16 10:41:22

I'm hoping that they might be on youtube as they sound interesting!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee Mon 25-Apr-16 14:57:56

Thank you so much she needed it for an assembly

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