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To be reminded of some posters by this?

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Caffeinator Sat 23-Apr-16 20:33:35

Some of those parenting experts who have no children of their own.

Caffeinator Sat 23-Apr-16 20:34:21

Sorry, will try link again;

GinaBambino Sat 23-Apr-16 20:38:32

Haha no as I wold have been one of those people! I have 6 nephews and 3 nieces. Due my first child in 6 weeks. I helped bring up eldest nephew and babysit middle niece at least twice a month at the minute. I don't hate that I am seen as 'one of those people' but i don't claim to be an expert, I just happen to have been lucky to have had lots of little babies in my life. Kinda dreading my own child though, I'm too used to being able to hand them back!! grin

ElsaAintAsColdAsMe Sat 23-Apr-16 20:49:48

Could be my ex SIL.

She used to tell me how everything I did was wrong, I was a crap parent because of age limits in books that either me or my children didn't adhere to, I fed them the wrong things, dis the wrong activities, wasn't strict enough. ...

Then one day I asked her to show me how it was done, an hour later she was begging me to take over and after that she stopped trying to tell me what to do.

I miss her so much, I was gutted when my brother dumped her grin

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