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To not tell him?

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Amy214 Sat 23-Apr-16 15:49:03

Sorry for the long post.

My ex pays child maintenence through csa as a direct pay we both know that i get charged 4% and he gets charged 20% and he owes £922 but at the end of every month there is a further £120 getting added on so at the end of this month it will be straight back up to its original £1042 maybe slightly less. I have questioned this and they say it is just charges but we are already paying them so are we getting charged twice? Him paying us and us not getting the money? I have asked them to contact him to pay more towards the arrears so he can pay them off quicker. They said they would and they havent. She also informed me today that he needs to pay these arrears off within 2 years but he cant if they keep adding money on. Hes been paying 9-11pounds every week since december and they have even said themselves it should be way lower than it is now but it isnt and they wont investigate why. They literally wont listen and i just hung up on them because they dont get that he cant have an issue with it if he doesnt know this is happening, i only know because i have an online account and i can see a statement whenever i want whereas he only gets a statement once a year and that doesnt have everything on it. They did not disclose that there would be an extra charge when i first opened a direct pay account. We arent in contact and he only sees her every 2-3 weeks even then i dont talk to him. My 1st thought was to tell him but now im not so sure as i dont want it too turn into a fight.

NicM87 Sat 23-Apr-16 16:03:55

Would you not be better for him to to just pay the money straight in to your account? That way you get all the money? My boyfriend pays his ex this way, and they have just agreed an amount between them!

Amy214 Sat 23-Apr-16 16:09:53

We tried that before but he kept missing payments for months at a time, this is the only way that i could get him to make regular payments

NicM87 Sat 23-Apr-16 16:20:40

Ahh!! Men ay? wink

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