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SN, blue-badge (Scotland)

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thomassodorislandmum Fri 22-Apr-16 15:17:16

Posting so more people in our situation find out.

I've just found out in the last few weeks that the Scottish government are trialling a new pilot scheme for the eligibility of the blue badge.

This now means our son who doesn't have any danger awareness due to autism is entitled to it now.

This is only in Scotland and is running until next April when they will look at the data and see if it's effective which I hope they will agree it is as it will benefit us.

It's also a completely different form so there are no mobility questions only questions asking how much your child understands and how much safety awareness they need that needs to have one of the applications Drs/specialists sign off on.
It's all a lot easier to understand and I hope by writing here more family's will apply and show it's needed so it stays.

It's for adults and children with autism or other things that effect a a persons cognitive impairment.

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