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To really dislike my neighbours

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Meowlster Thu 21-Apr-16 20:13:41

3 loads of washing on the line, and a massive bonfire started. Gah... By the time I ran out it was too late to bring it in; I'd only checked just 10 mins before and it was > < close to being dry. So it'll all be back in the machine tomorrow.
This is on top of other really great stuff like emptying their Hoover bag on our front lawn and letting their ds whack our tree with a big stick.
Small stuff, but wibu to send a glitter bomb or similar?

mummyto2monkeys Thu 21-Apr-16 22:33:23

You are DNBU, your neighbours sound inconsiderate and disrespectful. I would be very frosty next time they try to talk to me. What awful manners.

Orda1 Thu 21-Apr-16 22:44:24

I dunno, you did post at quarter past 8, hardly washing prime time.

WorraLiberty Thu 21-Apr-16 22:47:16

Yeah that's true actually what Orda said.

Meowlster Thu 21-Apr-16 22:51:46

Aye, but my washing had been on the line, I'd checked it a wee while before and thought it was almost dry, so went to put the dc to bed, thinking I'd fetch it in after... Obviously whilst the bonfire was being lit. At least I'm wfh tomorrow too, so I can re-do it. Don't feel I should have to though when a quick "we're planning a bonfire" would have done.

FriskyFrog Thu 21-Apr-16 23:14:10

Hmmm.... I think you must be our NDN+1 as our NDN was having ANOTHER sodding bonfire today angry

Are there no rules about it? It's so antisocial.

starfishmummy Thu 21-Apr-16 23:21:45

Our council allows garden bonfires as long as no one complains. Try complaining.

starfishmummy Thu 21-Apr-16 23:22:19

To the council that is

Uncoping Thu 21-Apr-16 23:24:20

Inconsiderate pricks. At the very least they should have told you they were planning a stinky shitty bonfire.

My neighbour is currently snoring and I can hear the fat bastard through the paper thin walls, so I'm 3 lobbed books away from kicking the wall down and choking him with a sock.

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