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to retrain into a non graduate level career

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TheoriginalLEM Thu 21-Apr-16 13:01:02

that i started doing donkeys years ago. That i could have trained for a qualification in but chose to do a degree and PhD in a sort of related area?

so its not the retraining or the fact that it is below my qualification level but the fact that i left the job to do those qualifications and now 15 years later .....same job. same employer!

it feels weirdbut there are so many reasons why i didn't persue a professional career and in all truthness it wouldn't be feasible now.

Dp made hmm face when i said this was what i was going to do. Thinjs ive wasted 10 years of my life .

but i love the job. im working there on low pay unqualified and restricted in what im allowed to do even though quite capable.

The money will still be low but the job is a five minute walk from my door. Any idea of using my quals in any way = hour commute to london.

but am i taking the safe option?

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