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To get turned on by smell of fabric conditioner?

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Eveninties Wed 20-Apr-16 23:44:01

So basically I do. I have recently bought a different fabric softener and the smell of drying washing is amazing! Reminds me of something or someone, not sure what, but I'm sitting here inhaling smell of DH's t-shirt drying and it's honestly like a drug to me.. Am I a complete weirdo?

FuckSanta Wed 20-Apr-16 23:58:13

YABU. It's fucking horrible stuff.

AdjustableWench Thu 21-Apr-16 02:16:11

It could work for me, but only if the fabric conditioner smelled of freshly cut grass.

EcclefechanTart Thu 21-Apr-16 02:24:38

I am the same, but with washing powder, not fabric conditioner. As a small child I used to sit with my head in the washing machine (turned off, obviously!). At university I used to hang out in the communal laundry room just inhaling. Aaaahhh...

DoesAnyoneReadTheseThings Thu 21-Apr-16 03:13:51

Bloody hell, what fabric conditioner do you buy!?

Me thinking the same- what one do you buy?!
I'm a total fabric softener/washing powder addict and am intrigued grin

Eveninties Thu 21-Apr-16 08:09:46

Comfort sunshine days- but I have to change it every so often then go back to it. If I use it constantly I stop noticing the smell! Bought it yesterday after few months off and I'm sure my neighbour must think I'm nuts- I stood sniffing the drying clothes on the line for ages...

Junosmum Thu 21-Apr-16 08:32:52

I once opened a bottle of flash, can't remember which, wish I could. The scent reminded so strongly of a guy I used to see. One of those hot, passionate affairs which ends because it has to, not because either of you want to (neither were in a relationship btw). It invoked such a strong memory of him. It was lovely.

PixieChops Thu 21-Apr-16 08:36:08

Not so much fabric conditioner but freshly laid Tarmac and rubber confused

Eveninties Thu 21-Apr-16 08:53:45

If I could wear it as a perfume I would. All the air fresheners, candles and perfumes out there supposedly smelling like clean linen are always a bit blah.

Eveninties Thu 21-Apr-16 08:54:14

Love a bit of freshly cut grass too

RortyCrankle Thu 21-Apr-16 15:18:39

I loathe and detest fake household smells, whether they be fabric softener, air 'freshener' or scented candles.

They all smell of chemicals and I would rather open doors and windows for fresh air.

Catmuffin Thu 21-Apr-16 15:22:47

I think comfort snowdrop and crocus smells lovely. Someone on here recommended it.

notamummy10 Thu 21-Apr-16 15:30:36

If the fabric conditioner smelt of Tarmac, freshly cut grass, petrol or paint then I would be so happy!

Catmuffin Thu 21-Apr-16 15:33:25

Just checked and it's Comfort mistletoe and crocus not snowdrop

AliceInUnderpants Thu 21-Apr-16 15:36:31

Do you actually get aroused, or do you just enjoy the smell? confused

Eveninties Thu 21-Apr-16 16:58:34

Maybe a little bit of both Alice! Suppose I could describe it better as a happy buzz rather than sexual arousal though! Need to try the mistletoe and crocus one now.

GooseberryRoolz Thu 21-Apr-16 17:10:36


pigsDOfly Thu 21-Apr-16 17:11:06

Hate fabric conditioner. One of my DDs uses it and her whole house, even the dog, smells of it. I was in her house a couple of days ago and for the whole rest of the day I could smell it on my clothes.

Horrible, overwhelming and sickly.

Eveninties Thu 21-Apr-16 17:13:05

Never understood the tarmac or petrol... although I do love the smell of ralgex!

dementedpixie Thu 21-Apr-16 17:13:46

Comfort intense fresh sky is lovely too. Also like comfort pure and Lenor White one

pearlylum Thu 21-Apr-16 17:15:36

I don;t like fabric softener- it smells of synthetic chemicals and makes the clothes feel oily.

We have lovely soft water and I line dry , my clothes are soft from the wind and smell of fresh air.

Eveninties Thu 21-Apr-16 17:16:09

I agree some fab softeners do stink Pigsdofly. Whatever my sister uses smells of rotten strawberries and it's rank.

dementedpixie Thu 21-Apr-16 17:19:00

My clothes don't feel right without it and I also have soft water. Don't always get the weather to hang stuff outside (Scotland) but have had stuff out yesterday and today.

readytorage Thu 21-Apr-16 17:22:00

I used strawberry and lily fabric softener when my DS was born and in the supermarket I always open a bottle and smell it. I'm immediately transported back to just before he was born and those lovely first few weeks of a snuffly newborn

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