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can't wear tights more than once and they rip!

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lu9months Wed 20-Apr-16 22:53:30

now that its time to get out of opaque black tights, i need to ask you if you manage to wear 15 denier tights multiple times? not sure if its just me but as soon as i put them on they rip. i bought some £8 aristoc ones last week, felt really nice, followed the 'instructions on how to put them on' (!) but by the end of the day they were laddered and had to be chucked out. waste of money. i don't have long nails or rings. am i being incompetent or are the tights made to rip??

StrawberryMouse Wed 20-Apr-16 22:56:53

Sigh. Same. I rip them with my nails or my toenails manage to stick through them (I do cut them, I swear! grin). Ooooh, or the Velcro on the kids' shoes gets them as I'm strapping then into the car. In fact I rarely make it as far as work with an intact pair.

lu9months Wed 20-Apr-16 22:59:40

clearly a conspiracy by tights manufacturers! we need to mutiny!

Itinerary Thu 21-Apr-16 00:57:42

You can get run-resistant ones, they're a bit better...

KittensandKnitting Thu 21-Apr-16 01:02:48

I too am a destroyer of clear tights....

I'm lucky if I get them on without ripping them, I've never had to wash them as they have always died within about ten minutes smile

Have even tried super expensive ones and nope they just hate me smile

paxillin Thu 21-Apr-16 01:05:15

Buy them bigger. I am 5ft 4 and a size 10, but wear size M or even L tights, depending on brand. Last ages.

AmberRose95 Thu 21-Apr-16 01:18:11

I absolutely hate tights and on the odd occasion I have to wear them I literally want to rip them off .
But them too small and your crotch hangs and out have to spend all day making sure the waist band doesn't roll down and if you buy them too big they wrinkle and look rather unappealing.
In my opinion it'd sent matter how much you pay tights are just horrendous .

selly24 Thu 21-Apr-16 01:25:54

Recommend Boots light or firm support tights. Brilliant in and out of washing machine. I for special occasions Wolford 15 or 20 denier or a strongish one from Falke

dodobookends Thu 21-Apr-16 01:29:20

Rumour has it that it helps if you put tights in the freezer for a day or two and then let them thaw out before wearing them.

DoesAnyoneReadTheseThings Thu 21-Apr-16 03:19:54

Can I hijack to ask a different tights related question while we have all the tights gurus here? You know tights have a Y shape on them? Like a seam down the middle on one side and a V seam the other side? (Near the crotch) what way round do they go?! I have googled, I promise but opinion seams (grinwink) divided.

And OP YANBU I fucking hate fucking tights!

FelicityR313 Thu 21-Apr-16 03:27:08

Are you buying a size big enough or are you overstretching them? I get multiple uses out of tights!
Where are you getting the ladders? Toes/feet/thighs?

FelicityR313 Thu 21-Apr-16 03:28:37

Also - NEVER use fabric conditioner on tights. Just handwash them in the sink with detergent, rinse well and they'll be fine. Fabric conditioner softens them into oblivion.

MintyBojingles Thu 21-Apr-16 04:58:42

Exact same problem here angry

HermioneJeanGranger Thu 21-Apr-16 05:03:52

Buy them large and wear underwear over the top to stop them falling down.

WellThisIsFun Thu 21-Apr-16 05:10:19

I have the same problem. Can't even put them on without riiiiip.
I'm a size 10 and I find that even XL tights aren't big enough!

scarednoob Thu 21-Apr-16 05:44:24

The law is this: the more you spend, the more you will ladder them on the first day. Designer brands, including a beautiful pair of wolfords with Swarovski crystals down the back, I can fuck up in a matter of seconds.

5 doe a fiver from M&S and I'll apparently treat them like they're made out of unicorn skin and they last for ages hmm

scarednoob Thu 21-Apr-16 05:44:56

* for, not doe!

julfin Thu 21-Apr-16 05:45:30

Yes I often wonder why I bother. Might as well just cut out the middle man and stick a fiver in the bin every day.

Dodo is that a wind-up? Do you mean the first time you use them or every time?

rosie1959 Thu 21-Apr-16 06:01:29

Try Primark tights I have more success with these than any

trinity0097 Thu 21-Apr-16 06:14:20

It's hardly that warm yet, just wear thinner opaque tights!

MattDillonsPants Thu 21-Apr-16 06:55:39

15 denier is quite thin.

Teaandcakeat8 Thu 21-Apr-16 07:00:18

I was the same, until I started buying a bigger size - honestly it really does work. I'm 5'8 and a size 8 but always buy large tights. Used to rip literally every pair I bought in a size small (even a £12 pair of m&s finest) and now I can get away with the Primark cheapest.

StuffEverywhere Thu 21-Apr-16 10:06:29

Tights Are The Most Evil Form Of Clothing grin

Mine rip too. Bigger size helps for sure! Problem is I'm always on the lookout for the largest available sizes and they are still often not big enough (I'm v tall).

LotsOfShoes Thu 21-Apr-16 11:12:07

You might not be buying a big enough size. I buy from either Boots or M&S and chuck them in the washing machine (in one of those laundry bags) after every wear and they last ages to be honest.
That being said, if I wear boots or shoes that rub at the back, they need binning after 3-4 wears.

HelenTitchener Thu 21-Apr-16 11:28:28

If my thrifty mum laddered one 'leg' of her tights she would cut this leg off at the crotch and then match it with another one-legged pair to get another few wears out of them grin

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