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To take the pill with mirena to delay period?

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Fanfeck Wed 20-Apr-16 12:05:25

I know there's a similar thread but it sparked my own curiosity!

I'm going away in three and a half weeks for a weekend with a new guy I'm having a bit an an (uncharacteristically) whirlwind thing with.

I have the mirena coil and I do get periods, timing wise it should be right bang during this weekend and I'm raging! Flights are booked etc and it's not all about sex but that would be a big factor!

I still have 21 days worth of the contraceptive pill from before the coil, would it be okay to start taking it a week before hand to delay my period? Would it even work?

GraysAnalogy Wed 20-Apr-16 12:10:01

I'm not sure it would work. Some people do take the pill with the coil but I personally wouldn't want to and there's no saying it would work.

Have you ever heard of the vaginal sponges? Sex workers use them so they can continue to work whilst on their periods.

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