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Involving Children in Divorce/house Move

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Donatello68 Tue 19-Apr-16 22:34:12

My STBXH and I are coming to the end of a bitter divorce. We have 2 DC who are 11 and 12. We share a house - which is a nightmare but, our house is on the market and we are looking to buy a house each once our house is sold. My STBXH has put an offer on a house that suits him and is near his favourite kebab house!! Our DC and I don't know where his house is. My DC and I are v close. I have involved them in the house search and they have come along on viewings. I have asked them their opinions on the houses that we have seen. My STBXH keeps saying that I should have kept the DC out of it. My DC say that they would have felt left out if they weren't involved and are enjoying househunting. They have also learnt a bit about the house buying process. AIBU to include them? It is going to be their home too.

RealityCheque Tue 19-Apr-16 22:36:54

Ofc yanbu.

It is excellent experience and educational getting them involved! Not to mention lots of fun for them to imagine their rooms and decorating etc.

He is being a dick.

HoppingForward Tue 19-Apr-16 22:41:53

Who will the DC be living with mainly? My stxh moved closer to his work but further away from where we live (nearly an hour by car) this means DC can't continue their weekend plans when visiting dad and tbh it puts the right off going to his, it's a new town with no friends and he doesn't t really know how to entertain them.

Yanbu to include their opinions and thoughts on where their new home will be.

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