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Hello and introduction

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swelchphr Tue 19-Apr-16 13:43:56

Hello! I'm from the U.S. (Maryland) and will be moving to London this fall for my husband's job. We have two sons (3.5 years old and 6 months old). My husband's cousin lives outside London and in my efforts to research the area she told me about Mumsnet. I signed up for the account a couple months ago and have just been lurking, but would really like to contribute my thoughts and ask questions as we move closer to our move date, but felt I wanted to introduce myself before beginning to just start commenting. I get my daily email with the "most viewed" AIBU posts and love them! I've actually started learning quite a bit from you all already. Someone asking where to buy coats for children for school and people suggesting where they shop (then I go check out the websites and make little notes to not forget these places), or what's a reasonable amount to spend weekly on groceries, or even just etiquette questions. Anyway, just wanted to say hi! smile

Yeahsure Tue 19-Apr-16 14:10:58

Hi there. There are new users on the site from all over the world on a daily basis. So re 'introducing yourself' most of us don't know each other or even recognise nicknames on AIBU, to be honest. AIBU is a big, rather feisty board for debating and fighting over - different issues. You just need to jump right in to any threads you are interested in. There are boards for making friends, schools, shopping etc so just familiarise yourself with the site! Welcome to Mumsnet and welcome to London (my city - great place!) smile

rainbowstardrops Tue 19-Apr-16 14:15:44

Welcome! flowers

LurkingHusband Tue 19-Apr-16 14:15:45

moving to London this fall

you mean "autumn" smile (although "fall" is perfectly good 18th century English ...)

Welcome to the boards and UK.

Are you fleeing a Trumpocalypse ?

leghoul Tue 19-Apr-16 14:19:44

Welcome. I am in London - send me a message if you have questions before your move and will be happy to help out, or ask on here somewhere. Best of luck with it all!

oliviaclottedcream Tue 19-Apr-16 14:48:40

You're very welcome indeed. I too am in London. Any advice, especially directions, I seem to get stopped and asked directions all the time by American tourists (must be the blue uniform and the hat) ?? Feel free to ask.

swelchphr Tue 19-Apr-16 14:49:22

Thank you all!

Yeahsure - I hadn't realized about some of those boards. Thanks for the heads up, I'll certainly check them out too.

LurkingHusband - See, I just learned something else new. I need to get used to saying autumn wink. And "Trumpocalypse" LOL, I haven't heard that term yet but it certainly has crossed my mind! I believe I'll start using it! grin

leghoul - Will do. Thank you for the offer!

swelchphr Tue 19-Apr-16 14:50:39

Haha, thanks oliviaclottedcream.

CruCru Tue 19-Apr-16 14:53:24

Welcome! Where in London will you be living?

Eustace2016 Tue 19-Apr-16 14:57:03

Welcome. Mumsnet is a good place to ask all kinds of questions and just learn about different cultures. They say the UK and US are nations "divided" by a common language (same language but in some ways different cultures).

One issue might be if your then 4 year old will start in September in a local school as he will probably have turned 4.

LurkingHusband Tue 19-Apr-16 15:19:03


I just made that up (honest) maybe it'll catch on. Do try and drop it into conversation stateside - it may even reach the hamstered hairdo himself ...

As an aside, here's a great resource from a left-pondian POV about British English and US encounters with it.

Worth it to discover "Harry Potter" was translated into "American" hmm

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