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To let let DS go to nursery...

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Hagothehills Tue 19-Apr-16 07:34:00

..dressed as a dinosaur? DS(2) is currently dressed as a dinosaur and was all day yesterday too. I'm pe
Pretty convinced he's not going to take his dino suit off without some major hysterics. He's got a bit of an obsession with them atm, can name different kinds, forever asking to go to the museum etc (which is fab and all to be encouraged imo) .
So do I let him go to nursery dressed up this afternoon (1pm) or wrestle him out of it? (It's the kind of costume that goes over clothes)

Seeline Tue 19-Apr-16 07:37:38

Let him go! Make sure it has his name in though so that when he takes it off (if!!) it comes home again and doesn't end up in the dressing up box.

glenthebattleostrich Tue 19-Apr-16 07:38:34

I have happy memories of taking my niece to nursery in her frog wellies, tutu. Spiderman t shirt, tiara and fairy wings smile

I honestly think if you can't go out dressed as a dinosaur when you are 3, when can you?

BadFam1 Tue 19-Apr-16 07:38:52

I would say unless he is going to get really hot I don't see a problem.

Nurseries often have dress up days etc so they shouldn't have a problem with it and the kids will probably love it!

BadDoGooder Tue 19-Apr-16 07:41:05

The other day DS went out in his "Andy" outfit, consisting of a smelly leather hat, old camera as the "gadget", rucksack, my old rave sweatbands, an 80s snowsuit and desert type boots. He looked a picture, I thought it was hilarious! grin

Hagothehills Tue 19-Apr-16 07:41:59

:D I was leaning towards yes. It looks like it's going to be quite a warm day so he might get a bit hot but they can surely just whip it off iff he gets a bit sweaty?

HSMMaCM Tue 19-Apr-16 07:44:22

As long as he doesn't get too hot, can still use the toilet and it doesn't matter if it gets muddy, then it's fine.

StarkyTheDirewolf Tue 19-Apr-16 07:44:28

I honestly think if you can't go out dressed as a dinosaur when you are 3, when can you?

^^ This, times a million.

DurhamDurham Tue 19-Apr-16 07:47:30

I'd let him, when my daughter was that age she was very eccentric and wore all sorts of weird and wonderful outfits to nursery. She's 18 now and looks almost normal most of the time.

Jengnr Tue 19-Apr-16 07:49:11

Send a change of clothes just in case but yes.

cantbelieveImquittingcoffee Tue 19-Apr-16 07:54:19

Just put me in mind of this...

ftmsoon Tue 19-Apr-16 07:55:08

I think it depends on your nursery. DD's has a strict 'no dressing-up clothes to be worn to nursery' rule. Children must be dressed in proper clothes. You have plenty of time this morning to get him changed.

FattyNinjaOwl Tue 19-Apr-16 08:00:51

Leave him be. My DS spent most of his time as a gruffalo or a dino. He's 7 and tends to dress up as darth vader now.(only wears it to school when it's a fancy dress day though grin)
Let them use their imagination while they're young

Hagothehills Tue 19-Apr-16 08:09:35

I think I'll let him go dressed up. It's the kind of costume that you wear normal clothes underneath so of it's a problem they just need to take a hat and overall type thing off and he'll be dressed properly underneath.

LikeASoulWithoutAMind Tue 19-Apr-16 08:10:06

Can't see the problem myself. Dc3 was rarely without his superhero cape at that age.

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 19-Apr-16 08:19:51

At 3 if DD was wearing clothes I considered it a result and never bothered what clothes they were.

RedToothBrush Tue 19-Apr-16 08:26:06

I honestly think if you can't go out dressed as a dinosaur when you are 3, when can you?

When your a student, doing a charity fun run, going to a fancy dress party or for a stag or hen do?

misses point. everyone should dress as dinosaurs more often. the world would be a better place. I would like high court judge dinosaurs

albertcampionscat Tue 19-Apr-16 08:28:33

DS is headed for nursery dressed as a fireman today.

goldierocks Tue 19-Apr-16 08:32:35

My DS went to nursery a number of times as a dragon....and Michael Schumacher (which was really just a Ferrari branded red onesie).... he's almost 16 now and still remembers!

DixieNormas Tue 19-Apr-16 09:06:18

At that age ds3 insisted on wearing his snow boots for most of the summer with shorts. I was a bit hmm at first but it wasn't worth the argument, they were quite smelly by the end though

Hagothehills Tue 19-Apr-16 09:10:45

Haha some of those outfits sound brilliant! He's going as a dinosaur then (unless be changes his mind between now and leaving not going to happen ). That saves the screaming abdabs and one less battle to fight! (Also he does look pretty damn cute stamping around going t-rex! T-rex!) grin

SekhmetLioness Tue 19-Apr-16 09:16:27

Maybe he'll grow up to do this kind of thing:

evilcherub Tue 19-Apr-16 09:18:15

I would. I imagine it is quite common. My little one went dressed as a dinosaur quite often and various other weird costumes. It's sweet.

TwllBach Tue 19-Apr-16 09:19:45

I personally would love it <nursery teacher>

PPie10 Tue 19-Apr-16 09:21:40

Yanbu. I'm sure he looks adorable! He's 2, and he should be able to dress up as a Dino if he wants smile

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