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To want to pick my dog up. Now

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ExitPursuedByABear Sun 17-Apr-16 14:48:59

Pooch was in kennels over night. We have been home since 11.45am. I am not allowed to pick him up until 5pm.

S'not fair.

MrsMainwaring Sun 17-Apr-16 14:50:48

Why aren't you allowed ?

Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Apr-16 14:51:08

Oh I hate that. sad

I also hate when I have to drop Sparklingcat at the cattery the night before we go away, I feel really guilty still being at home and she's not.

Are you really not allowed? Not even if you ask nicely?

WorraLiberty Sun 17-Apr-16 14:52:05

You haven't said why?

Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Apr-16 14:53:05

Opening hours i would imagine. Some kennels are quite strict about drop off and pick up and aren't open all day for it.

Houseworkavoider Sun 17-Apr-16 14:53:29

That's rubbish! Why on earth are they making you wait?
I'd just go and get him anyway. What are they going to do to stop you?

ExitPursuedByABear Sun 17-Apr-16 14:54:08

The kennels is only open 9am - 10am and 5pm -6pm on a Sunday.

I do understand that they can't be available all day. But I hate to think of him sitting there with a face like a slapped arse when he could be here with me.

Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Apr-16 14:54:22

Does everyone think kennels and catteries don't have opening hours or pick up times? confused

Silvercatowner Sun 17-Apr-16 14:55:57

Does everyone think kennels and catteries don't have opening hours or pick up times?

Tough times for the pooch, but seems very sensible to only open for an hour on a Sunday - presumably the owner needs downtime.

Mellowautumn Sun 17-Apr-16 14:56:47

Use different kennels who will let you pick up by apointment?

Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Apr-16 14:57:33

I think pick up appointments at kennels are fairly standard from what i have heard from dog owners locally.

ImNotThatGirl Sun 17-Apr-16 14:59:01

Aw that would upset me. I went away last year and we left early, so our dog went the night before and I felt sooooo guilty knowing he was down the road, missing me. I might have had a little cry. blush I got over it by marvelling at my clean floors though!

Sparklingbrook Sun 17-Apr-16 14:59:26

Appointments within opening hours I mean.

ExitPursuedByABear Sun 17-Apr-16 14:59:48

He is rarely in kennels.

Pick up appointments? Maybe I should have mentioned it when I dropped him yesterday.

Oh well. Only two hours to wait.

Drums fingers.

WorraLiberty Sun 17-Apr-16 15:00:02

Ahh I see.

Mind you, your dog won't know that you're home so as much as I understand your feelings (I'm a dog owner too), the dog won't be feeling the same way.

If he's sitting there with a face like a slapped arse, he will have been doing that all week anyway I would imagine.

Just look forward to being reunited and think of how many ways you're going to have to make this up to him grin

ExitPursuedByABear Sun 17-Apr-16 15:00:36

Unfortunatley the house smelt very, very doggy when we got home.

I clearly need to clean more.

WorraLiberty Sun 17-Apr-16 15:00:44

Sorry, not all week. I meant all night.

ExConstance Sun 17-Apr-16 15:11:30

Our dog comes running out to greet us, then turns round and wants to go back in again. he gets plenty of love at home but he gets adulation at the kennels.

RandomMess Sun 17-Apr-16 15:13:54

Ddog actually wags her tail now when we drop her off sad

I think she loves the fact that she gets a really long walk and left in peace to sleep in her indoor heated kennel to sleep the rest of the time. She comes back so refreshed after all that shut eye!

mogloveseggs Sun 17-Apr-16 15:15:44

Ours is going in tomorrow. Dh will have to cone with me as he refuses to go in (the dog) and he's a huge heavy lump so dh has to carry him in. I know he will be fine (2 walks a day plenty of fuss etc) but I'm still sad about it. Not long till 5 smile

moosemama Sun 17-Apr-16 15:32:13

Aw, I totally understand how you feel, but he's probably having loads of fun barking at the other dogs, going for walks and being fed far too many treats, if it's anything like the kennels we use.

My two actually drag me in there ... it's the only time they pull on their leads. Well except when I go to pick them up and then at least they are pleased to see me, but would be quite happy to turn round and go back in once they've had a fuss.

We take them and settle them in their kennel and they immediately start nagging the person that looks after them to open the hatch so they can go and scope out their fellow inmates - they don't even look back. hmm

Not bad for a dog with separation anxiety when he's left at home. confused

Jessesbitch Sun 17-Apr-16 15:35:49

I wont ever be using kennels again. They neglected my baby to the tune of £380 vets bills.

AcrossthePond55 Sun 17-Apr-16 15:37:00

Ours has similar hours to yours but does allow 'out of hours' pickup for a pretty hefty fee.

ExitPursuedByABear Sun 17-Apr-16 15:46:43

He probably hasn't eaten at all. He often doesn't eat for the first three days if I leave him at home with DH.

He is dog on dog aggressive so is in a kennel where he cannot get access to others through the wires. It is a bit like doggy prison. Sob.

SoupDragon Sun 17-Apr-16 15:54:22

I'm sending SoupDoggyDog to foster care this summer when we are away. Some mug kind person has him in their home for the while fortnight. I get to specify ideal pick up and drop off times.

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