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big toy for 5 month old, recommendations please

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biggree Sat 16-Apr-16 21:30:46

she's got the following:
door bouncer
baby gym
chair that swings and plays tunes

we need something similar for her aunty's house, as we often stay for hours when we visit, it would be nice to get baby something she hasn't already got at home

I'd be grateful for any recommendations as there aren't that many people I can ask in real life as we've been prevented from going to baby groups due to medical issues

AngelBlue12 Sat 16-Apr-16 21:33:46

Jumperoo smile

attheendoftheday Sat 16-Apr-16 21:35:40

Another vote for jumper. My kids loved theirs at that age.

attheendoftheday Sat 16-Apr-16 21:36:04

Jumperoo obviously.

Ffion3107 Sat 16-Apr-16 21:36:12

I'd recommend a sit me up donut! Lots of things to see/touch on it and you can place a few plastic balls in too smile

LeonoraFlorence Sat 16-Apr-16 21:38:42

I have 4 DDs and they've all loved the jumperoo smile

TitusAndromedon Sat 16-Apr-16 21:38:50

Jumperoo. We also have this:

My twins are almost five months old and both keep them happy and occupied for ages.

Iguessyourestuckwithme Sat 16-Apr-16 21:40:46

Why not take your door bouncer with you?

LeonoraFlorence Sat 16-Apr-16 21:41:13

We also have the play gym linked to above for DD4. She loved it when tiny but lost interest a bit whereas the jumperoo has remained a favourite smile

biggree Sat 16-Apr-16 22:04:08

thanks all, seems like the jumperoo is a favourite, which is a shame as they're so expensive! Will see if aunty's feeling generous...

TitusAndromedon Sat 16-Apr-16 22:46:32

I know Asda have one on offer in their baby event, and Tesco have s baby event that might be worth checking. We got ours for £30 from an NCT nearly new sale. It's in great condition.

wasonthelist Sat 16-Apr-16 22:49:09

My DD had an big Octopus from Boots - each tentacle was something different - she loved all the different textures and sounds they made.

mrsmeerkat Sat 16-Apr-16 22:55:12

ball pool or travel cot with balls works well.

It is a tricky age (I have two under 2.5) but anything new is good for them. Have you tried treasure baskets?

MargaretCabbage Sat 16-Apr-16 22:57:46

I was going to say Jumperoo too. If you're on Facebook it might be worth trying a local baby product selling group, they often go for about £30 around here.

Catsize Sat 16-Apr-16 23:07:56

I am confused. Has the aunts a) volunteered to buy something and b) volunteered to store it at her house?

Catsize Sat 16-Apr-16 23:08:09


putthePuffindown Sat 16-Apr-16 23:22:18

Keep an eye out on Gumtree (etc) for one. I managed to find one for £15! Had to bleach the hell out of it, but would have done that anyway. DD's still a bit wee for it yet, but she was transfixed even just watching me clean it.

biggree Sun 17-Apr-16 01:08:26

thanks again everyone, i'm googling treasure baskets now and the octopus sounds fun too

catsize the aunty has offered to buy it and has space to store it, the aunty totally loves DD :-)

BuggerLumpsAnnoyed Sun 17-Apr-16 06:55:28

If your aunty gets you something else, I would still get a jumperoo. DS2 is 4 1/2 months and its the only way I get anything done! A lot of people pick them up second hand for about £25/30. Mines on its second child, is still in pretty good condition and I reckon I could sell it no problem.

Cons; it's so fucking big and ugly.

icklekid Sun 17-Apr-16 06:57:32

Ds loved his playnest at that age as could see our and I could fill with toys!

Waffles80 Sun 17-Apr-16 07:22:19

Look on eBay/Gumtree/preloved or FB selling sites for a jumperoo. We got one in excellent condition for £30.

1Potato2 Sun 17-Apr-16 07:38:52

Another vote for Jumperoo. Used from 4 - 9 months or so. There is a compact, fold away version too.

Catsize Sun 17-Apr-16 09:15:56

See if you can try someone else's jumperoo on first. My son loved it, my daughter hated it.

woodwaj Sun 17-Apr-16 09:53:35

If you can find one second hand (they are discontinued now) my vote is for a ballapalooza (Fisher price) it grows with the child helps to encourage standing/walking and every single child that has seen it in my house has loved it (8 has been the oldest) I paid 20 quid and it's been worth every penny. Its quite big though!

Cakescakescakes Sun 17-Apr-16 09:54:31

Jumperoo every time!

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