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to think Cameron is following "the script" and has more to hide?

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arandomname Sat 16-Apr-16 17:50:51

People are saying Cameron published his tax return. But he didn't.

He paid an accountant (not even his usual accountant IIRC) to publish a typed summary. The other politicians - oh sorry, except the equally slippery Osbourne and Boris - published their actual returns.

Why would he do this unless he had something to hide? It is more hassle to arrange for a summary to be created than to ask your normal accountant to scan the return, surely?

Last week he acted ike a cheating DP caught out by a damning bank statement - he minimised and drip-fed, only giving us what he thought he could get away with. Eventually when cornered he threw us this bone, but it's not the actual evidence is it?

AIBU to think he must hiding something and the public have let him off far too lightly?!

And AIBU to think if he acted like this when caught cheating, mumsnet would say he was following "the script" and say LTB!

ginghambox Sat 16-Apr-16 18:02:06

Why did Corbyn fail to declare THREE pensions.
How can Corbyn have no savings after sitting on his arse in parliament for 33 years.
He must be hiding something.

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