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to think Microsoft have lost their marbles?

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OurBlanche Sat 16-Apr-16 14:54:56

Trying to change the password for my email... apparently I now need a code and have to wait for my security to be updated before I can do so.

So... the reason I want to change it is that I think I am spamming people, found a junk email to me from me in my Junk folder. It has been a while since I changed the password so I thought I be a good little emailer and update it.

No, you can't, it is secret, privacy, security, no, no, no!

So I get the code and nope! I have to wait for a month...

This site requires a security code to sign in. When your security info is updated on 16/05/2016, you will be able to access this site. You can still access sites such as Outlook and Skype that don't require a security code.
On 16/04/2016, you requested your security info to be replaced.

How the hell does that work? How does that keep my email account safe?

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