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to be confused at the difference between assimilation and integration? Trevor Philips said

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GooseberryRoolz Thu 14-Apr-16 12:11:34

On the "What Muslims think " documentary something to the effect that NOBODY supports the idea of assimilation any more but policies to encourage integration are worthwhile. confused

I've been thinking about it ever since I saw the documentary. I can see that there might be a slight distinction, but it's not much, is it?

hedgehogsdontbite Thu 14-Apr-16 12:17:55

I think there's a huge difference. As a foreigner I happily integrate with my host country but I won't assimilate. Assimilating means abandoning my culture whereas integrating means mixing them together.

CurlyBlueberry Thu 14-Apr-16 12:20:29

I thought assimilation was making the outsiders 'blend in' i.e. cultural markers would stop being used.

Integration is the community having different people peaceably living together - so there would be people of different cultural backgrounds living alongside each other, where people could still (feel free to) wear or do things from their 'home' culture.

The first is erasing, the second is accepting.

GooseberryRoolz Thu 14-Apr-16 12:23:17

Is it that stark?

The first Google result I got seemed woolier.

It seems awfully prescriptive to say "you must adjust to exactly x extent" anyway.

Werksallhourz Thu 14-Apr-16 12:25:35

I reckon our family "assimilated". Unless you knew us and our history, the only thing that would tip you off to the fact we aren't 100 English is the way we look, and the fact we eat slightly unusual food and our interior decoration ideas are a bit weird. grin We rarely speak our original family language at home; we don't see ourselves as "other".

"Integration", however, seems to mean retaining almost all of your home culture while adhering to common host values and principles.

I'd say the difference is between "going native" and "being an expat that speaks the host language".

GooseberryRoolz Thu 14-Apr-16 12:27:46

I can't read the more complex articles on my phone but I've just seen one entitled "French assimilation vs British Multiculturalism".

Is it that simple?

I thought the failure of multiculturalism was announced a few years back?

It's confusing enough that TP has changed his position.

WonderingAspie Thu 14-Apr-16 12:28:35

Assimilation to me means like the Borg on Star Trek, to assimilate you have to become exactly as everyone else is (of the majority) to fit in with their culture, ideals and beliefs.

Integration means being yourself but not shunning the culture in which you now live, for last nights programme, having non Muslim friends, mixing socially, sending your children to school with non Muslims, being happy to abide by the laws of the host country and accepting their beliefs but still have your own cultural identity and not wanting the host country to adopt to your ways, beliefs and laws.

GooseberryRoolz Thu 14-Apr-16 12:28:55

That makes sense Werk smile

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