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To ask you all to read this article re latest UNICEF report that Britain is Lagging behind the developed world on child poverty

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CreviceImp Thu 14-Apr-16 09:02:14

We are not doing great by our nations' children.

StillDrSethHazlittMD Thu 14-Apr-16 09:05:41

We're not doing great by ex-servicemen.

We're not doing great by a lot of pensioners.

We're not doing great by the increased number of homeless people sleeping on the streets.

We're not going great by a lot of people with disabilities. Or their carers.

What good does reading that report actually DO for our nation's children? Or any other of the groups we're not doing great by? We already KNOW this.

CreviceImp Thu 14-Apr-16 09:17:38

Some people have no awareness so the point is to raise the issue into public consciousness.

Those issues all deserve attention too. More detail here for those who choose to take an interest.

gleam Thu 14-Apr-16 12:31:31

Maybe if we weren't putting so much into the EU, we could afford to spend more on our own citizens?

CreviceImp Thu 14-Apr-16 12:41:14

I am in two minds about the EU personally. Re the child maintenance - a lot of NRPs who should have received custodial sentences owing to huge arrears haven't had action taken due to some of the NRPs appealing it at a European level.

However there is the issue of traceability if we leave the EU for those who evade child support. I know there is nothing in place currently in terms of tracking but there could be. It could be a real issue in years to come owing to the fluidity of movement between countries.

IamSlave Thu 14-Apr-16 12:44:07

it doesnt surprise me one little bit, but Blair set the tone for which poor children we need to help - it wasnt those in the UK.

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