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to have expected just a cursory response?

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redcarrot1 Thu 14-Apr-16 02:53:17

Ok, not world ending but I've been having an iffy time of it with my Mum for the last few months. She's been withdrawing and unresponsive and frankly I'm pissed at the lack of interest she's shown in her one and only GC. I've been choosing to rise above and carry on with things and not be outwardly offended.

A few days ago I tagged onto the bottom of an email how my toddler had just bashed her head on our radiator, how there had been lots of blood, small deepish cut but that I had managed to settle her after a second bath ( to clean blood off). I guess I was a bit shaken up so had to tell someone.

What response do I get? Nothing but she does respond to another email I sent about something different. Just a tiny line saying 'hope she's ok' would have been sufficient. Aibu to think she's a cold cow?

AlwaysDancing1234 Thu 14-Apr-16 02:56:40

Clutching at straws but any chance she didn't see the first email?
I agree it sounds shitty as she could have at least sent a quick text asking if your DD was doing ok ( hope you've both recovered from the hurt and shock)

Birdsgottafly Thu 14-Apr-16 03:40:58

Is there a back story between you?

Do you know what could be going on for her, Menopause, Depression etc?

Can't you speak to her, at all?

mathanxiety Thu 14-Apr-16 04:06:44

How old is your mum?

99percentchocolate Thu 14-Apr-16 04:12:19

That's shit, I'm sorry flowers

pippistrelle Thu 14-Apr-16 04:43:36

Do you know why she's been 'withdrawing and unresponsive'?

Tootsiepops Thu 14-Apr-16 05:55:37

If your mum's behaviour is dramatically different (withdrawing and unresponsive), I'd be more concerned about that. It suggests something is wrong.

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