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to not want to be mum today

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Becca1818 Wed 13-Apr-16 14:45:08

Aibu to want an off switch?

Ds is 14 months old. Doesn't sleep and generally has the temperament of a two year old I sure as hell hope it doesn't get worse

I've attempted to take him to the park twice today and both times he fell asleep in the car and I turned around and went home.

Is he cranky and whingey and is generally doing my head in.

Can I go back to pre-children just for one day?

ollieplimsoles Wed 13-Apr-16 15:50:07


I think we all have day like this wine

If he falls asleep in the car could you not just keep driving? go somewhere a bit further out til he wakes up?

slicedfinger Wed 13-Apr-16 15:54:13

I had one of those. She would only nap whilst I walked the dog or drive round. I kept driving. Once I even found a beautiful car park with a coffee stall.

Fortunately she is 16 now and sleeps at night, in her own bed.

NoMilkNoSugar Wed 13-Apr-16 15:54:24

I remember driving till DS fell asleep, then parking on the drive and having a little nap in the car myself.

Becca1818 Wed 13-Apr-16 16:24:04

I went and got my self a drive through coffee and sat on the drive for a while.

Just one of those days where nothing went to plan.

Kit2015 Wed 13-Apr-16 16:37:35

I know the feeling. My DD is 12 months and will fall asleep in the Car. I used to try wake her and resettle her in the house. It always ended in disaster. So I started keeping a book and snacks/water in the car.
She will always wake up when I reach a good bit of my book ;)

Gwenci Wed 13-Apr-16 16:49:18

Ha!! I'm sat in my car in my driveway with two DC asleep in the back right now!

I really shouldn't be as my DD is 2.5yrs old and this afternoon cat nap is going to make her horrendous at bedtime but I can't bring myself to break the peace. I just can't. I'll pay dearly for this later.

Gwenci Wed 13-Apr-16 16:50:24

Oh, and YANBU, I often wish there was an off switch. I really miss being 'Gwenci' and not mummy.

Becca1818 Wed 13-Apr-16 19:33:51

Finally bed time! I just don't know where he gets his energy from! Praying for a good night!

Definitely worth the £50 a day nursery fee tomorrow!

Ohsotired123 Mon 18-Apr-16 10:41:36

Yanbu. You probably need some time out, time to yourself and when you do spend the day doing something fun like going to the park you'll feel a bit more excited about it.

The other day I wanted to take dd out to the park but got as far as Asda because it was closer and easier for me to walk around, selfish I know but we all have those days!

Onlyicanclean10 Mon 18-Apr-16 10:47:03

You are not alone. Every parent since the dawn of time bS days like this. It gets better. smile

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