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my bloody neighbour and her trees!

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murphyslaws Wed 13-Apr-16 12:28:27

First English not first language so apologise for errors...

Bought house a number of years ago. Very rural only two neighbours . One neighbour is in a large Manor House with vast grounds. We share a fence. My garden is south east. When we bought property she was having her trees that run along fence topped. They are huge 30ft trees. She said it was so we could have some sun. It turned out there had been a previous complaint about property being shaded by her trees.

Anyway she had several topped to about -15ft. Three had to be stumped as unsafe.

Last year council told her the ones hanging over road needed to be topped. She has done this. We now get sun in our garden. However last year she has planted red trees that grow around 40ft. They are already well over 15ft. They are around 10ft from fence and will next year block all our sun again, I approached her and she said that its to block where she had trees stumped. And that she would not topp trees anymore. Her garden is huge. We are over 150ft away from her property so there is total privacy. I know very soon there will be six new trees running further in her garden. But they will block our sun.

AIBU or is she just being selfish. I will go to council.

RatherBeRiding Wed 13-Apr-16 13:51:15

She is being selfish but not sure what you can do about it as the trees are not going to be along the boundary fence. And you have my deepest sympathy - neighbour's bloody great tree in my previous house turned my lovely sunny patio (when we first moved in the tree was small) into a mossy, shady place where it was difficult to get my washing dry.

But if there has been a previous complaint about trees blocking out the light it is certainly worth speaking to the relevant council department to see what they advise.

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