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Sorry to be a pain

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Catvsworld Wed 13-Apr-16 09:56:19

Right already done the thread about weather to gets ds friends to conrbuite towards Hoilday now I want to no what is one to do if the friends mis behave

I have never travelled with dds friends before what is the portocall

I have already gave ds a strong warning about not showing off and that this will be first and last time if I have any issues he's mates are very nice but you never no really

Also what if they fall out or is that usually girls

Stories or advise please

Pollyputhtekettleon Wed 13-Apr-16 10:50:33

The friends can follow your family rules. They may need a warning if it's something minor. What age are they? No harm in telling them all (ds inc) your expectations of how they ate expected to behave if they are maybe 15 and might think it ok to go for a few drinks (ie clarify that is not ok). But to be honest, what and how much you need to say depends very much on the kids themselves and their age and personality. Only you can judge. Don't go overboard either!!!

Pixienott0005 Mon 18-Apr-16 14:12:45

I just remember a holiday with my friend and his family abroad to Spain. We were 15 and his parents gathered his brothers, him and myself and laid out some ground rules. But their parents had already told my mum and dad the rules to reiterate to me anyway. I.e they look after my spends, we can't go out past 8 etc. Why don't you try that?

Your rules are what stands and if anyone falls out then you have to play peacemaker and arrange a fun activity to get them talking again.

Big responsibility so I get your worries.

MattDillonsPants Mon 18-Apr-16 14:24:54

How old are they?

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