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To think Hotpoint customer service is utter shite?

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HotpointBoilsMyPiss Wed 13-Apr-16 08:51:01

Around a month ago our washing machine's digital display started to go. This is the second time it has happened and at around the same time we also had one of those agitator thingies (technical term) fall out. Our clothes were getting caught on the inside of the drum and starting to see tiny holes. My husband tried calling their number as we have an extend warranty. He'd call , get through to their voicemail service, go through all the choices then get cut off. (Seriously, I've done it myself. It just hangs up on you without warning.)

Basically we forgot about it and just didn't try washing any naice things until we could get someone round to look at the machine as obviously they're struggling with keeping up with complaints. Most likely to do with creating a tumble dryer that according to Which! is likely to catch on fire

Anyway, a second doohicky fell off. We've had the machine less than two years and this is the third time we'd have someone out. So I spent another few wasted days trying to get through to a human. Finally, I do. And they obviously don't have any appointments for aaages. Fine. Obviously need to wait in from 7-7, Whatever, we wait. The man shows up and doesn't have the specific parts for the things I told them on the phone was wrong. FINE. He promises me they're in stock and that someone will call me the next day to arrange an appt and it will be fixed at the latest by the beginning of next week. No one calls. No one answers my calls.
I try and I try. Finally (the middle of the next week) I try going through to another service to see if I can speak to a human that will put me through to someone that can help. I explain about getting cut off which he says is due to being very busy.

I let him know, that cutting off already angry customers is not going to help ANY situation. He advises me to call the head office. I call and the woman I speak to is totally unhelpful, but does let me know I haven't actually been cut off but that their hold system plays cut off noises hmm I ask her why she thinks that's going to help an already disgruntled customer and why can't they just play some smooth jazz like other companies.

When I get no joy from her I go back to my emails form Hotpoint which advice me they have a "Live chat" system! HURRAH!

So I click on it and am taken to their phone number and their Twitter page.

NO HOTPOINT THIS IS NOT THE DEFINITION OF LIVE CHAT. Their Twitter page is a sea of hate because no one can get any help and I spend two pointless days attempting to get someone via Twitter, a service not everyone uses or can use.

Finally I get an appointment, I'm not asked about dates or times, I am emailed and informed that I need to be home from 7-7 and that it will take place a week later. My children are already at the recycling clothes point. I have three kids under 5.

So this time the repairman shows up and shock he doesn't have the parts, they haven't been ordered. He confirms that other customers have told him that the system cuts you off with no warning.

He promises me they are in stock and someone will call me. This was yesterday morning. No one called yesterday and again, I can't get through to a human. (Thingy from headoffice was full of crap btw about the hold music sounding like a cut off signal...if you hold out eventually your phone just disengages).

flowers to anyone who actually got through to the end of this, but I have no idea what to do. Not answering or having a call back service is shockingly bad customer service isn't it or AIBU?

Do I have any come back on this? The kids are down to wearing their Victorian Pauper boy costumes, and I'm washing pants in the sink. We pay monthly for the extend warranty do they have to reimburse me for using a laundrette?

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