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To think DH is wrong to get angry over this...I can't help it!

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MattDillonsPants Sun 10-Apr-16 23:14:50

DH says that all night long, every night I steal all the duvet. He says he's spending most of the night either cold and waking up or pulling the duvet back from me.

He's literally angry about it but what can I do? I'm completely unaware of this situation! He says I could make a "conscious" choice not to do it BEFORE I go to sleep and that this would make it stop.

I disagree.

But more importantly what the heck do we DO about it? Practically I mean? We don't want to sleep separately.

Duckdeamon Sun 10-Apr-16 23:15:40

Get two duvets?

creamoftomato Sun 10-Apr-16 23:15:47

Just get another duvet. Two duvets, no problems.

expatinscotland Sun 10-Apr-16 23:15:53

Separate duvets.

alicemalice Sun 10-Apr-16 23:16:04

Get 2 duvets

AllisonWonderland Sun 10-Apr-16 23:16:10

Get a bigger duvet? There's only so much you can steal!

MsMarvel Sun 10-Apr-16 23:16:19

How about seperate duvets?

When we were on holiday in iceland, bed had two single duvets on it, which we were dubious about at first, but it worked really well.

PurpleDaisies Sun 10-Apr-16 23:16:29

He is unreasonable to think you can control it but having been on the other side it isn't much fun.

Two single duvets on a double bed works.

Ouriana Sun 10-Apr-16 23:16:32

Two duvets.
He is being an arse thinking you can control what you do in your sleep but two duvets should solve it! Just make sure yours is nicer grin

Iwasthatposter Sun 10-Apr-16 23:17:14

DH does this. I used to get really angry at him but I also knew I was BU because he couldn't help it.

We now have two duvets. Both king size same as the bed so that the bed can be made neatly in the AM with the two duvets stacked on top of each other.

He spends all night wrapped like a donner kebab in his and I have one all to myself.


wigglybeezer Sun 10-Apr-16 23:17:16

Two single duvets, like they do in Germany, we came across it on holiday, brilliant.

AyeAmarok Sun 10-Apr-16 23:17:35

Two duvets!

It's very common.

Cookingongas Sun 10-Apr-16 23:18:02

Dh accepts I'm a blanketeer, and as such he fights the good fight. Good luck to him I say. I fall asleep warm and wake up warm, that's all I'm looking for.
We do have a king size duvet on a queen size bed though.

yougetme Sun 10-Apr-16 23:20:10

Get one of these and you'll never have a duvet related argument again.

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 10-Apr-16 23:20:24

Two duvets or do what we do (and Cooking) and have a king size on a queen bed.

He says I could make a "conscious" choice not to do it BEFORE I go to sleep and that this would make it stop. Made me laugh. Wishful thinking.

ILeaveTheRoomForTwoMinutes Sun 10-Apr-16 23:21:23

not sure if it's been mentioned, but how about two duvets?


TyneTeas Sun 10-Apr-16 23:21:34

I anchor tuck a bit of my edge of duvet under me at the hip

ThisWasCrownjewel Sun 10-Apr-16 23:22:06

Echoing suggestions of two duvets here op.

PurpleDaisies Sun 10-Apr-16 23:22:49

I think there was a lot of cross posting going on Ileavetheroom grin

Arfarfanarf Sun 10-Apr-16 23:23:04

Yup. Two duvets as already said is a very simple and cheap solution.
Quilt hogging is a common bed sharers complaint.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Sun 10-Apr-16 23:23:20

dh is resigned to never having enough duvet, or bed come to that

I starfish, and hog all the covers, he teeters on the edge clinging to a small corner of duvet.

Having said that, we did just buy a superking for our 5ft bed and that's cut down on a lot of his moaning issues.

Lucked Sun 10-Apr-16 23:24:22

Tell him every night you are making a conscious choice not to do it before you go to sleep and then tell him it isn't possible and he is lying when he accuses you of the same in the morning.

Thisisnotausername Sun 10-Apr-16 23:27:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MarshaMallow84 Sun 10-Apr-16 23:27:21

Having spent a lot of time in Germany it seemed a natural arrangement for DH and I to have two single duvets on our kingsize. It's most civilised. Only problem is that our children only want to get under my duvet in the morning and making it stretch between the 3 of us is nigh on impossible! When we go away and there's a double duvet on the bed DH steals it all and I (very unreasonably) get cross with him. It somehow feels more personal than it should. Poor bloke!

OutToGetYou Sun 10-Apr-16 23:32:15

Dp is a duvet stealer, far better since we moved to a king size duvet. I'd prefer two (not sure if that's been suggested grin) but for some odd reason dp vetoes this, even though it's worked perfectly well when we've had it on holiday.

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