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to want a service who can support separated parents better

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MsColouring Sat 09-Apr-16 13:54:04

Me and ex separated over 5 years ago. Since then, we have been to mediation, had solicitors write letters and had a court order put in place over contact. Ex pays nothing because he chooses not to work.

He behaves like a sulky child and refuses to communicate with me. Not replying to a text where I asked him to pick the kids up from me as I was waiting for a delivery. He just didn't turn up which meant I had no idea what was happening. Kids are away with him at the moment. He has refused to tell me what time they will be back tomorrow - I'm hoping my dd who is 9 will let me know tomorrow. In the meantime, I need to wait in all day in case they turn up and am worrying they might be back late and they have school on Monday.

I don't want to keep putting up with this behaviour but I feel there are no options:

mediation - short term, done that, had him use it as a chance to berate me on my parenting and getting on with my life. Nothing that was agreed has stood the test of time. Not sure it could help me now.

Court - court order has some ambiguities. Could try and get some parts of the court order tightened up but no-one can force him to reply to texts. Cost is prohibitive and the courts make you feel pathetic for not being able to sort it yourselves.

Accept it - but drives me up the wall every time it happens. Try to keep the kids out of it but it gets really hard.

As for the money - CSA doesn't exist any more and there is no point in paying the new agency to chase money I know I'm not going to get.

I read so many stories on mumsnet about exes behaving in completely unreasonable ways but there seems to be no way to stop them without spending lots of money (which separated parents generally don't have!) Just wish they was some agency out there who had some sort of clout who could offer some support.

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