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To feel like I"m living back in the seventies!??

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MattDillonsPants Sat 09-Apr-16 11:41:18

I live with DH and DDs in a small rural town in South AUstralia. I'm English and we've been here for 8 months.

I love everything about it all except the fact that the shops all close at FIVE on Saturdays.

Just thought how nice some crisps would be...but OH no...can't have that! Nowhere open for ten miles!!!

DH has offered to make kale crisps in the oven sad

DH laughs and thinks it's a good thing because shop assistants can have a life etc....I think I WANT CRISPS!

Grilledaubergines Sat 09-Apr-16 11:44:50

I agree with your DH apart from the kale crisps

I hate how late shops open in the U.K.

Bring back the 70s I say.

Excited101 Sat 09-Apr-16 11:52:16

I'm with you op. I hate the Sunday trading laws here. In the UAE some of the malls are open until midnight at the weekend, it's amazing!

MattDillonsPants Sat 09-Apr-16 11:52:48

Grilled have you experienced the reality of it recently? grin its terrible!

You need milk for example...there's nothing you can do about it except maybe trade some veg with a neighbour! And they're all in bed by sundown!

BarbaraofSeville Sat 09-Apr-16 12:17:34

I suppose you just get used to it and learn not to run out. Outside tourist areas in Spain, most shops close at lunchtime on Saturday and don't open again until Monday morning.

lapcat Sat 09-Apr-16 12:27:48

I live in Queensland and the main shops shut at 5 on Saturdays and 6 on Sundays. I find it odd that they're open later on Sundays. And the restaurants seem to shut at 8.30. Luckily the servo (petrol station for the non Aussies) is open for milk until midnight.

People seem to get up at 4-5am and go to bed what I would call halfway through the evening.

nebulae Sat 09-Apr-16 12:28:45

I hate how late shops open in the U.K.

Why? You don't have to go into them.


Janeymoo50 Sat 09-Apr-16 12:37:19

I had a friend who moved to Oz, she also said everyone was tucked up in bed by 9pm at the latest most night.

mollyonthemove Sat 09-Apr-16 12:39:28

Sounds like bliss! I am usually in bed by 9 and feel embarrassed telling anyone 😀

elQuintoConyo Sat 09-Apr-16 12:43:29

nebulae maybe grilledaubergines works in one, not a difficult stretch of the imagination.

Where I live shops close between 8-10pm week days, some do just half days Saturday, and all close on Sundays (unless it is the first Sunday of the sales, then it's mayhem!).

I soon adapted.

nebulae Sat 09-Apr-16 12:48:12

nebulae maybe grilledaubergines works in one, not a difficult stretch of the imagination.

Then if the shop didn't stay open late grilledaubergines would potentially not have a job, or perhaps would have fewer hours. Why hate it?

cozietoesie Sat 09-Apr-16 12:51:11

You adjust fine - you just learn to think ahead of time what might be needed eg on the Friday or Saturday beforehand. It's usually only the occasional thing anyway - eg fresh milk if you run out - because most people have freezers and cupboards anyway. (And neighbours. wink)

BankWadger Sat 09-Apr-16 12:51:43

When I lived in Oz no one I knew wenttobed at 9pm regularly. Not even my slightly boring old before her years older sister.
Mind you I lived in a city and even the smallish Coles was open until the wee hours.

LynetteScavo Sat 09-Apr-16 12:52:14

Eh? In the 70s we had a corner shop That never seemed to close. It was even open on Christmas Day. All such corner shops have been turned into flats now and you have to drive to a supermarket for crisps.

rubybleu Sat 09-Apr-16 13:33:08

You live in a small rural town - that would be a problem anywhere in the world smile

There's plenty of places in the main cities to get groceries after hours.

When I was a kid (80's), the shopping centres only opened 9 - 1pm on Saturday and not at all on Sundays! & til the mid 90's, supermarkets and shopping centres shut every night at 6pm except for Thursdays.

wasonthelist Sat 09-Apr-16 14:07:16

I agree with your DH. smile

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