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to think the final storyline of charmed was pretty crap?!

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FillingMakesMeVom Sat 09-Apr-16 01:25:51

Just finishing rewatching the whole series again, first time in over 8 years,

You have the source, Cole, the avatars, Zankou, saving Whyte, but the final storyline is that the sisters have to be punished because they want a normal life? A family, her husband back and not necessarily fight evil constantly etc?! I know it's the triad that has raised Christie, who has somehow managed to hoodwink Billie ( a very young Kaley Cuoco!) that this is a valid reason to go after them ?! And then the magical folk are also convinced as they aren't helping them anymore!

Unfortunately I feel like the last storyline was their weakest

someonestolemynick Sat 09-Apr-16 01:28:09

Yanbu. I love Charmed but stopped watching halfway through series 8.

Oswin Sat 09-Apr-16 01:28:41

It really was. The whole magical world turning on them like that? Crap. I did enjoy the last episode though felt it wrapped things up nicely.

FillingMakesMeVom Sat 09-Apr-16 01:33:10

I'm on the second last, I remember how it finishes but just rewatching it I was just in disbelief how poor it was, only thing is Billie (Cuoco) I believe went from this straight to the Big Bang Theory and I can see how she landed plays many different emotions and such on charmed

Seren85 Sat 09-Apr-16 01:43:09

The last series was convoluted rubbish. IMO, obviously. I watched every episode up the end of series 7 (multiple episodes a day on Living) the summer between finishing university and starting my first full time job. I was gutted so sky plussed series 8 to binge watch at weekends and it was crap.

FillingMakesMeVom Sat 09-Apr-16 01:48:07

Ah I remember watching it on living every afternoon after finishing school its crazy to think about that, it feels not so long ago but now I'm mid twenties!

suspiciousofgoldfish Sat 09-Apr-16 02:03:47

I used to love Charmed! I think I may have even bought a book on Wicca.....

Saw an episode of a re-run this week and was astounded at what a huge pile of tripe that show actually is.

dylsmimi Sat 09-Apr-16 02:09:30

I used to love charmed but it was definitely a series too long. It felt like the end of series 7 was the end then they had to hurriedly think of something for a final series. I remember being really disappointed about it

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