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To be a bit sceptical of the 'enhanced recovery programme'

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MissusWrex Fri 08-Apr-16 16:45:42

Because it's made me a bit nervous to be honest.

I've just been to see the anaesthetist as I have an elective section booked for next Thursday at 38+2 days (a few complications).

He's told me that I should be discharged by Friday lunchtime/afternoon and gave me a leaflet describing my day after the section.

I've also been given a 'diary' which they want me to fill out as my day goes on. I'm supposed to put the times in that the baby is born, I get an anti blood clotting injection, eat, drink, have my canula out and the list goes on a bit. Which I then have to hand in at the end of my brief stay.

hmm Now call me crazy but I don't think my first instinct during these times will be 'Quick Dh pass me the pen before I forget the time!'

My judgement may be clouded on this. Three years ago when I had dd at 35 weeks we were discharged after two days despite me saying I felt ill and didn't think dd was well either.

We ended up being re admitted for three weeks just a few hours after leaving hospital and we're both quite poorly.

I just feel that with this new incentive to get me out of there as quick as possible that any concerns I might have will have even less chance of being heard.

I understand there is evidence to say that kicking people out speeds recovery (I just googled it) and that the nhs needs to save money.

But this just doesn't feel safe to me. Or aibu and actually everything will be fine and I'll be skipping about in a few days with this new approach? grin

GraysAnalogy Fri 08-Apr-16 17:03:43

You've been given the diary? I'm confused as to why it's not being given to the people who will be taking care of you. They should be doing documentation on all that anyway so it would make sense for them to fill it in. Maybe ask?

But in regards to Enhanced Recovery, it's truly great and the results are fantastic. I worked in orthopaedics and many of our hip and knee replacement patients were ER.

I'm not sure in CS but with other ER programmes specific interventions are completeted pre, during and post op that reduce trauma, aid healing and promote mobilisation and comfort. Pain is controlled MUCH better.

Just because you're on ER doesn't mean that you're being kicked out, and it doesn't mean that you can't stay longer if you need to. You'll be closely monitored and if you or your HCP's feel you need to stay longer, then you'll stay longer. Be vocal about any concerns you have.

And most of all try not to worry! I think you should speak with your healthcare team about your worries and let them addrss them

MissusWrex Fri 08-Apr-16 17:09:41

That's reassuring to hear it might help then, it just doesn't seem as if anything different is being done that didn't happen at my cesarean three years ago? Just the discharge time.

We were encouraged to get up as soon as possible anyway.

The 'diary' is a piece of a4 paper with printed pictures of activities and little boxes for me to fill in the times I 'complete' them. But again these aren't any different to what happened three years ago, like getting up and getting breakfast.

Maybe I'm just getting grumpy/over anxious at the end!

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