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To try to manage bad pmt without drugs or hormones

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blondieblonde Thu 07-Apr-16 20:37:51

I have got really bad Pmt. It builds for about a week until I am in a crazy rage -- I really can't see or think straight. I always argue with my DH at this time, quite badly, and it immediately subsides once the bleeding starts. It's certainly Pmt. I've been looking it up and it says take birth control (which I had v bad reactions to before) or prozac (which I don't want to take).

Has anyone ever managed anything like this with diet changes/meditation etc.? AIBU to not just go and get the drugs? It is affecting my marriage.

pointythings Thu 07-Apr-16 21:28:07

What vitamin supplements or dietary changes have you tried? If you've done them all then you may have no choice but to go with the hormones. flowers

fusionconfusion Thu 07-Apr-16 21:29:40

You could try something like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or CBT. Have you had a go at these? Mindfulness can help too but sometimes practices need to be adapted for rage.

I also have this problem by the way - though once I dealt with the rage it became sadness at that time of the month. That's easier to manage though.

SquidgeyMidgey Thu 07-Apr-16 21:33:42

I saw a homeopath. I didn't believe in it but I went as I was at my wits end, and truly in danger of doing something bad. Amazed to say it, but it worked. It cost about £50/month in pill thingies. I had to stop when I went for an op, then got a mirena which has also fixed it, albeit not instantly.

Ratbagcatbag Thu 07-Apr-16 21:35:07

I take Agnus castus and evening primrose capsules. I guess it depends if you class those as medication. They both have made a big difference to me.

glenthebattleostrich Thu 07-Apr-16 21:37:47

I use agnus castus. It helps.

My pmt (which makes me a vile angry bitch) is virtually non existence with a combination of -

Low carb diet
Wheat free
Giving up sugar and sweeteners
Cutting back on alcohol
Agnus castus
Exercise, particularly running. I also find if I do get symptoms either a run or a zumba class helps me stomp out frustrations.

And I take as much ibuprofen as I can for the pain.

HumphreyCobblers Thu 07-Apr-16 21:37:55

low carb high fat diet worked really well for me

my first month on it my period appeared unexpectedly, I had no idea it was coming. This was unthinkable before.

I am struggling now as I can't do high fat due to gall stone issues.

TeatimeForTheSoul Thu 07-Apr-16 21:38:14

Vitamin B come,ex supplements was (and is) the cure for me. Without it I become a rampaging chocolate eating, snappy, sex crazed monster wink

AllChangeLife Thu 07-Apr-16 21:38:21

It sounds like pmdd (basically bad pmt). You can take sertraline for it (anti d) at a mild dose. I did. It works. Not quite as heavy as prozac?

SquidgeyMidgey Thu 07-Apr-16 21:39:42

Exercise can also help. If you do it a few times a week throughout the month it should have an effect.

phlebasconsidered Thu 07-Apr-16 21:41:27

I am perimenopausal and my pmt has gone through the roof. I can't take Hormonal birth pills as I already take daily medication of different hormones for another condition, and it screws me up.

I have been trialling large doses (2000 mg) of evening primrose oil, I think its helping slightly. I'm also eating smaller frequent portions so I don't get hungry rage in the week before my period. I also run. Often I hate doing it but a run does reduce my rage.

In a way I prefer the rage to the weepiness. At least I get things done in my fury. Rage floor mopping. Rage maths book marking. I just have to take deep breaths a lot.

givepeasachance Thu 07-Apr-16 21:42:02

Just Lolz @ "it's affecting my marriage"

I'm totally the same but sort of enjoy the roller coaster. I spend a week recovering from hideous pmt days but I sort of also appreciate the good times too :-/

Auntpodder Thu 07-Apr-16 21:42:38

I took a really low dose of prozac for six months - so low I had to take it in liquid form since there wasn't a pill small enough for the dosage. I worried about it enormously before taking it but it was amazing for PMT and the actual period pain and the benefits lasted long after I stopped taking it. I have no idea why it worked, but it did (for me).

ammature Thu 07-Apr-16 21:42:53

Acupuncture helped me

sleepwhenidie Thu 07-Apr-16 21:43:53

I would start with giving up sugar (singularly most likely to make a difference, you wouldn't believe the effect it has on hormones) and taking a supplement such as AC, mentioned by pp's. Exercise also very helpful.

SquidgeyMidgey Thu 07-Apr-16 21:44:13

I would laugh at 'rage maths book marking' except it's not really funny.

Sorry for the drip feed, I remember the homeopath telling me to lay off chocolate and excessive caffeine. Unbalances your inner wotsit-doodahs.

BrendasGotABaby Thu 07-Apr-16 21:52:15

Its worth trying a few things out.

I tried diet (cutting out sugar and refined carbs), exercise and high dosage Evening Primrose oil over the years.

I noticed mild improvement with some premenstrual symptoms from the EP oil especially - my skin was better, I didn't crave sugar as much, I diet get PMT headaches.

I'm on a low dose of Prozac now, though, as my PMT moods were getting worse and worse as I got older. They'd stopped being moodiness or ragey feelings and become quite dark, depressive, paranoid moods and I just thought - this is ridiculous! I've got to do something! It was really affecting my life, relationships, work, everything.

Early days, but the Prozac seems to be having a good effect...

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