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Is it time to move on and leave him behind

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Xmasbaubles Thu 07-Apr-16 19:50:44

is it time to move on, boyfriend wont ask adult son to leave, doesnt pay doesn't work, all sorts of excuses and expects all chores done, washing, ironing, dinners cooked. When not at home his son will him and say he is hungry and text down stairs for cups of tea and toast. He only leaves his room to go to football practice and never converses.

I spent 5 weeks living there and only saw him 3 times.The ex wife pops round with food and texts boyfriend regarding sons eating arrangements. Oh btw she lives next door in a rented house. I have talked about how this just isn't right, yet he has ignored my concerns for 3 years. I don't want them in my future with him. When I talk to him he just says it's his Son. I find this ridiculous. Any thoughts or suggestions😬

whois Thu 07-Apr-16 19:52:18

Yup. Don't get involved.

araiba Thu 07-Apr-16 19:57:46

you dont live there so keep out

Xmasbaubles Thu 07-Apr-16 20:00:58

grin I've been involved fo 5 years, so walk away then as you can see no loyalty short term to my feelings and future

whois Thu 07-Apr-16 20:02:35

Oh, if you've been with him 5 years what do you like/love about him? Is it enough to make up for the strange home life set up?

Xmasbaubles Thu 07-Apr-16 20:05:43

I'm in a relationship but I don't feel comfortable with how he allows himself to be treated and it does make me not want to visit. That can be an issue as I will not know or be part of his world if we only have time in my world. I would like to move forward with this but feel limited. Always on my turf

araiba Thu 07-Apr-16 20:07:15

you will never win against someones flesh and blood

you make it an issue and you have already lost

Xmasbaubles Thu 07-Apr-16 20:09:59

Lovely kind man, he says he loves me and I do him but this set up for me has come to a head. I guess it's that feeling that I need to know he is there for me and my children not pandering to a selfish Adult Son now who really does need to take care of his self now

Owllady Thu 07-Apr-16 20:10:09

Is there any reason why the son is sitting up in his room, incapable of making toast? confused

Xmasbaubles Thu 07-Apr-16 20:13:46

Araiba I think u are probably right, time to let go now and meet somebody with less baggage

Xmasbaubles Thu 07-Apr-16 20:16:24

owlady, absolutely none! Just been brought up like it I guess. Just a waster and a taker bf gets angry at times but never follows through with threats. Waste of time

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