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To not want to have anything to do with my neighbour

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ginnyrose1 Wed 06-Apr-16 18:17:17

Our neighbour is a property developer and is currently meant to be doing an extension on his own home. They told us it would be done quickly as it was his own company and gave us the impression he knew what he was doing!

Six months down the line, we have put up with our drive being blocked by trucks, scaffolding on our land, damage to our wall and trees and he has not kept to his planning permission. They have basically built a new house, which overshadows my property. A lot of the neighbours complain and the council have asked them to put in a new planning permission for minor adjustments. Yesterday his wife come over, shouted at me saying, I thought we were friends (we are not!) and basically made me feel like I was saying her husband was dodgy and it is not their fault, all of us could not read the plans properly. In the end I had to calm her down and told her I didn't want to fall out with her. I am a soft touch but hate confrontations!

However this morning while telling a friend this story, she told that my neighbours company were famous in her mum's street for not complying with planning permission on a development there, upsetting all the neighbours and entering people property without permission. Basically everything we are upset about.

Unfortunately I now how to live next door to these people! I feel conned and AIBU not to have anything to do with them? Interested to hear what you would all do!

FuriousFate Wed 06-Apr-16 18:25:23

Firstly, I'd check if they have contravened any of the planning guidelines. I'd also ban them from my property and ask for recompense for the times they've had to access your property to date. Speak to your local council's planning department and get as much info as you can about what, if any, remedial action can be taken.

ginnyrose1 Wed 06-Apr-16 18:41:45

Thanks, spoke to the council today and they are investigating them. Unfortunately our wall is on the boundary line! Didn't think about it when we brought. So they can stand on their land and build right next to us as they keep reminding us! But no, won't let them on our property again!

SurroMummy13 Wed 06-Apr-16 19:07:03

Report them?

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