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stupid bloody dance woman, again!

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SantanaBinLorry Wed 06-Apr-16 10:39:12

I whinged on here before about the short notice changes at my sons 'Dance School' Last palarva sorted, eventually. A combo of lost in translation, Spanish laid backness, and mild incompetence.

Transport is complicated for us (our issue, not dance school, although they have changed locations before which has caused bother) So, ive arranged lifts/car hire etc for the next month which includes all classes, rehearsals and for two performances.

Wassap message this morning notifying us that The OBLIGATORY rehearsal has now been moved (all next week) from thursday afternoon to the saturday morning the day of the first show. A four hour rehearsal. Hes only bloody seven!

The original class/rehearsal/show run was already quite hard core, but we'd geared ourselves up for it as A Family. Cancelled a few extra activities that week, sorted childcare foe other child and work.
Its the most blatent example of "You dont have kids, do you hun?"
AIBU To think this goes beyond Spanish laid backness?. I dont imagine we are the only family effected by this. Not that we'd know as we are not allowed to ask questions on waasap group, only in private messages.¿?¿?
Whats the Spanish equivalent of "You're avin a laugh arnt ya luv" grin

Balletgirlmum Wed 06-Apr-16 10:45:19

A4 hour dress run is nothing really - it allows for lots of tech time & the kids will be in the dressing room doing very little most of the time.

But to change the date/time at such short notice is unreasonable.

In the UK they would also have a restriction on how long they could be in the theatre in total too.

SantanaBinLorry Wed 06-Apr-16 11:01:31

not sure what you mean about restrictions? Balletgirlmum (ace name, I might change mine to B-BoyMo! grin)

Original rehearsal was 3 hours thur afternoon. A late class on friday 9pm finish. And arriving for performance Sat at 5pm.
Saturday lie intotally out the window now! Definitely U grin

Was prepped for dull tech run with nintendo and footy cards.

Absolutely nothing we can do about it, so a moan on here and then back to the logistics drawing board.

Balletgirlmum Wed 06-Apr-16 11:07:06

In the UK when a dance school puts on a show there are laws restricting how long rehearsals & performances can last & how long a break they need to have in a day if the rehearsal & show is the same day.

glasg0wmum Wed 06-Apr-16 11:13:17

Estas bromeando, chica???

(Is a Spanish rough translation of "are you joking, missus??")

Does sound pretty full on for a 7 year old. My daughter dances and her show rehearsal is about 3 hours - although they are encouraged to bring snacks and drinks, colouring in or small games to play while they're not on stage. Short notice really isn't on. My daughter's teacher has the dates for the shows and rehearsals booked in August when term starts for the show the following June! She is a mum herself and understands how hectic things can be.

I would be looking for another dance class, if I were you.

SantanaBinLorry Wed 06-Apr-16 11:16:31

That sounds complicated! And very English smile
I would imagine this change is to do with wanting to pay less for venue hire. Cancel thurs, extending Saturday...? I dont know?
Im dipping my toe back into the dance world. I trained myself back in the day. Dont remeber it being quite so angst ridden as a semi professional as is made out with kids having a bit of fun.
I blame Whatever Countries Got Talent grin

SantanaBinLorry Wed 06-Apr-16 11:20:19

estas bromeando, chica??? grin

We had all dates set out in Jan, and they've changed twice since then!

Unfortunately, this is the only dance school around... for mile.

glasg0wmum Wed 06-Apr-16 11:22:41

Don't get me started on mental dancing teachers - there are many round here. My daughter is not going to be professional dancer, but she loves it and it keeps her fit. We pay £3.75 a lesson, she has to have a leotard, tap and ballet shoes. If she forgets her shoes, the teacher is happy to let them dance in their trainers. She is super-organised but also very aware of the pressures on families and keeps costs to a minimum where she can. The annual show is in the local town hall and tickets are £5.

A friend of my daughter's goes to a different ballet class where they charge around £10 for an hour, the girls have to be kitted out head to toe in the "approved" costume including tutu, wrapover cardi, leg warmers, certain tights, have to have their hair in a specific style, are not allowed to take part in class if their mum can't get the hair right or forgets the tights. The teacher hires one of main Glasgow theatres for shows, charges parents £15 a ticket and asks them to buy the DVD for £25. It is a total RIP OFF and I have no idea how she gets away with it. We are talking about 8 year olds in a local dance school, not professionals at the Bolshoi Ballet.

Balletgirlmum Wed 06-Apr-16 11:23:56

Sending them off to full time dance school is SO much easier! 😃

SantanaBinLorry Wed 06-Apr-16 11:53:11

Your daughters class sounds reasonable, and much more in line with what I experienced as a kid. And I got into 'proper' Dance school eventually Twirlsgrin

Second example is not very inclusive is it really? Or a true reflection of the daaaarnce world. Some of the best/most creative dancers in my class were from less well off backgrounds. It would have been appalling if they had been denied class for turning up in a tracky.
Im glad my kid is into breakdance, a couple of beany hats a year and he's sorted.

I dont think this woman is nuts, shes just child free and on to a good thing with large catchment and no competition.

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